NinjaTrader Indicators Pivot Points for the NinjaTrader platform for stocks, futures, forex and emini trading. Trading has never been simpler with our pivot point software. Know the potential highs and lows right at the open for any stock or futures. The R3 is the Daily breakout area, know this right when the market opens, R5 is the potential high of the day. Trading with daily pivots is a tool every trader should have in there tool box to be profitable. Our daily pivot point software is very accurate in predicting the highs and lows for the day. We have used this software for over the past 7 years with amazing results daily. We provide support for our software by email 24/7.  We are a proud member of the NinjaTrader Ecosystem. As such, our products have been been tested and approved by the NinjaTrader Ecosystem Quality Assurance team. Our indicators are applicable to all global markets and various timeframes including minute, daily, tick, volume and Renko.  

Pivot Point Robots Are computerized and automated program trading systems use these pivot points in there robots.  The robots buy the R3 and sell at R4 and R5 each and every day for nice profits. If you are not trading with the pivot robots you are missing out on some nice price action.  Market sells off to the S5 level pivot robots have been short since the daily pivot or the S3 and they cover at the S5. Which is a reversal area so they then go long. So most traders are still using old trading tools like the RSI, MACD, stochastic or moving averages. Waiting for a crossover, the pivot levels are fixed so you nowhere the price is going to, and the pivot robots will be ahead of you every time. You sit there and say why did the price just reverse? This is 2013 the age of the robotic computers, not 2004 or 1999, pivot robots control the price direction each and every day.  Trader Testimonials



Pivot breakouts happen everyday like the chart below, get the software and start profiting. Trade Futures, Crude Oil of Stocks with the pivots, patterns repeat each day. These pivot lines were on the chart at the open, and there etched in stone they don't change. They stay the same all day long. Options traders can make fortune on these, and so can the trader, as price moves from one level to the next.  Order today and will include are volume indicator and color coded moving average for free a $125 value.

Crude Oil Pivot Chart at 9:00 am, know where the market is going. Above chart ramp up to the R5 Pivot.


CL pivot breakout

CL sell off right to the S5 area, and reverses like an ATM machine.

Pivot breakout of R3 for 14 point move.

Pivot patterns repeat, loss of S3 we move to S5 pivot for nice profits.


Pivot patterns repeat, buy the R3 and sell the R5 pivot for nice profits. I new at 9:00 am that TWTR was going to the R5 pivot of 70.27 if it broke the R4 pivot, nice profits in TWTR. 

 FB sell off to the S5 which 90% of time is low of day. Reverses of the pivot right to S3 pivot. Break of the S3 pivot go long, target the R3 and R5 pivots, these patterns repeat daily, and you profit from them. 

 ES unable to hold R3 pivot, sell off over 48 ticks profits, right to the S5 is the pivot pattern.

 YM gap down, text book trade, buy the S4 sell R3. Breakout over R3 ramp to the R5 Pivot at the close.

Same exact pattern happened on the ES chart below, these patterns repeat daily, market keeps breaking out you will be able to catch the full profits of the breakouts, know where the price is going.

FB another winner, buy the Daily Trend line, target the R5 pivot, breaks out over the R3 off to R5.

Patterns repeat, the S5 major support and reversal area, up we go target S3 and Daily Trend Line.

Futures sell off, short the R5, price falls all the way to the S5, get bounce off the S5 which is a reversal area into S4 which happens 90% of time. New low, long the S5 ride it back up, take profits at S3, R3 and R5. Pivots are powerful. 

Pivot patterns repeat, buy the black line, breakout of R3 off to R5 we go for nice profits.

Market sells off to S5, Short the S3..down we go, take profits @ S5 reversal up we go, double bottom more profits.

Buy the S5 Pivot, up we go for nice profits, 1611 target hit. 

Loss of the S3 we sell to S5 90% of time, nice move.

The pivots tell you what kind of day its going to be with the high and low pivots plotted before the open. And they dont change. Buy the R3 sell the R5 10 point move. Short the R5 cover R3 another 10 points.  Its like an ATM machine.  Short the R3 or Daily Trend Line another profitable trade. Pivots are the most powerful tool a trader can have in there tool box.  Take your trading to the next level and double your profits each day as you will know where the market is going.

Futures breakout of the R3, 90% chance we will go to R5 and we do..

Futures breakout of the R3, 90% chance we will go to R5 and it does.

Pivot failure at Daily Trend line, Double Top target S4, hit and we got our profits. 

Pivot breakout after yesterdays sell off, up we go, nice profits.

First trade we shorted the Daily Trend line @ 46.40 covered with 2 point profit at 44.40 We reshorted the low as the chart shows and are target was the S5 pivot. Stock sold off hard, so we adjusted the buy limit as we knew it would go down and test 43. Out at 43.20 with +1.40 profit two trades for +3.40 

FSLR double top at the R3 pivot, we got out with $400 profit.

Pivot Breakout, Coiled Spring buyers up we go nice profits. 

Market in down trend, Short the S4 pivot  out at our limit order for $762.50 profit.

We nailed FSLR bullish stock long at 41, sold @ 42.30 hit the R5 and kept going.

Crude breakout to R5 been trending up all day, 100 tick profit on 1 contract is $1000 profits.

Same day same pattern, wheel barrel full of profits. Quit your day job trading the pivots.

Pivot Pattern to retirement, buy the S3 sell the R5 for nice profits. Patterns repeat each day.

Pivot Reversal at the S3, up we go, exit at R2 pivot take profits of $487.50

 FB buy the R3 moves up on strong volume, sell at whole number 28 on volume peak. Stock pulls back, buy the R4 pivot and sell at the R5 pivot for nice days profits.

TRIP breakout buy the R3 sell the R5, strong volume up we go.

  CL weak short the S3 cover at  the S5 for nice profits, pattern repeats.

 Patterns repeat, and you profit from them. Get the software and start to profit.

Weak market we sell off to the S5, which is a reversal area, go long for few points.

HP breakout into last hour just before earnings. Strong volume up it goes.

R3 Support, buy zone, up it goes, targets R5 for nice profits. Strong Volume up we go.

NinjaTraderPivots the black line is the daily trend line long above/short below. both stocks sell off, CAT on left down to the S3 were it found support so you like in profits at the S3. And JPM sold off from S3 down to the S5 which it will hit over 90% of time. And you lock in your profits always at the S5 area and consider a long or call it a day and bank your profits. Two nice trades. Our trading manual gives you specific strategies on how to trade the pivots and be profitable. They work each day under any market conditions. And once you learn to trade them you just repeat the steps daily. Order today and get our Trading123 NinjaTrader Volume Indicator for free a $100 savings.