Stock Chat Room Trade with a experienced trader and see our  Live Stock Charts as the action happens with Voice/Text Chat.. See our chart setups Live  as the action happens. One moderator making calls on stocks during day and no premarket trading. Moderator is the only one able to talk, members can text info into room but unable to chat live as it causes confusion, distraction and loss of focus.

CHAT ROOM CLOSED after 7 years of trading, taking a break, back in few months

We have members  that have been in room since 2005, 2008, still trading with us. Get trading alerts for longs or shorts, we find the hottest moving stocks. Based on technical analysis, chart patterns, volume, breakouts, breakdowns, reversals, news, earnings, upgrades downgrades, sector timing, and momentum. We pinpoint specific entry points to enter the trade and profit from the move. We make 2-5 points a day, day after day.

  • We find the hottest stocks to profit from

  • We average 2 to 4 points a day profitable trades

  • Live Voice/Text Chat Room-Voice over the Internet

  • Alerts based on price patterns, our software, breakouts, scans breakdowns and chart patterns

  • Exact entrees and exact profit targets

  • Walk you through the trade, analyzing it on the way

  • Stop losses were to set them for minimum risk

  • Alerts for NASDQ and NYSE stocks

  • Learn and watch experienced traders, profit from it



  • High Percentage Plays

  • Trade Long or Short

  • Build Confidence

  • Explosive Breakouts

  • Trade with a Winning Team of Traders

  • Professionals show you how to trade any market conditions

  • When to trade and when not to trade the markets

  • Watch how we trade gaps for quick profits

  • See our charts as the action happens live