NinjaTrader Indicators never second guess the trend again. The Trading123 Trendline software takes all the second guessing as to which way the market is heading, and it measures overbought and oversold areas. The Trendline also confirms the trend by the red and blue dots that never repaint. Green circle on the trendline followed by blue Trend Dots identifies potential for major reversal.  Ninjatrader indicators for  Stocks, Futures and Crude Oil. Let the ninja trader software do the work for you, trade with the trend. Day after day, it nails the trades. Our NinjaTrader indicators are easy to read and understand market direction.  Detailed manual explains how to use and profit from the software. We provide support for our software by email 24/7.  We are a approved Vendor for NinjaTrader all our software has been tested and approved by NinjaTrader and can be used to trade any markets worldwide.

NEW: Audio Alerts for the Trend Arrows, gives you audio alert to let you know of the reversal, can shut them on and off.         



Trend line blue you go long, trend line red cover or go short, patterns repeat all day.

Crude stars off in down trend, then trend change the the dive after 9:00 am that trade alone would of paid for the indicator.

Nail the trend reversals in ES,  dive into last two hours, easy money to be made.

Trend reversal buy the blue arrows up we go, another profitable day.

 Buy blue arrow sell red arrow all day and make money. Arrows or trendline don't repaint, most accurate indicator out there. Trade 1 contract and software pay for itself in a day. 

Ride the trend into last hour of YM down up profit on the way.

Reversal off the lows, up we go, 11 to 15 point move, blue and red trend arrows never repaint and are very accurate.  The trendline on the bottom of the chart with the red and blue dots never repaints, Blue arrow long get in, and make profits.

Same patterns repeat daily, blue trend line trend is up, red trend line down. Arrows confirms reversals and they never repaint.  

Red trend line and arrow confirm down move, trend line then goes blue, blue arrow confirms reversal up we go sell on red arrow.


 Trend line blue, and blue arrow confirms up trend, up we go sell on red arrow, and when red trend line appears, nice 10 point move.


Trade the trend, red arrow, red trend line down move. Buy the blue arrows, Profit from each trend on Crude Oil.  +100 Tick profit on these trades.


Blue arrow and trend line confirm up move, red arrow, red trend line down move. Profit from each trend on FSLR.  Nail the reversals.


Red arrow and trend line confirm down move, blue arrow, blue trend line up move. Profit from down, up then down, and your made some nice profits.


Trading Crude Oil, short the red arrows, buy the blue, nice down move up move down, profit from each trend.


Same patterns repeat each day, down move up move software catches the trend each day. Buy the blue arrows, cover on red arrows. Trendline keeps you in the trend longer for more profits.

  •  Blue Dots on TrendLine Trend is up. Red Dots on Trend Line trend is down

  • Green Horizontal Line is OverBought Red Horizontal Line is Oversold   

  • Blue Vertical  Line is TrendMarker Trend change coming

  • Red Vertical Line is Trend Marker  Trend change coming

  • Once plotted on chart they will not change colors or position  



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