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NQ Futures Trading

Here will show you live trade of the NQ as we trade it with the Trading123 AutoTrader System. See how it trades...

Trading the 6E

Automated or Algorithmic Trading uses market algorithms to find potential trend reversals. In using an automated trading system you remove emotional based decisions from your trading[...]

NinjaTrader 8 Updates

NinjaTrader 8 updates and upgrades to the NinjaTrader 8 Platform can be smooth or can turn into a big headache and cause havoc to your computer. We all have been there, NinjaTrader 8 is working fine, then a new NinjaTrader 8 updates comes out, you upgrade to the next build and conflicts and headaches begin. 

Trading Charts

Trading Charts In trading there are several choices for trading charts, as every trader is different, it’s like a car, some like Ford products, others GM, and then others like the foreign cars, like Toyota, Honda, and Mercedes Benz. So that’s why trading platforms give you alternatives in charts. Now you can use any