automated trading systems

Automated Trading Systems:

Here is the play of the day on NQ using the Trading123  AutoTrader. We trading 3 contracts with targets and 15 tick stop. Trend reversal software gets long three contracts, the background color changes so the trend is up, and we catch some gains on way up. Trend reversal down, background red, sell off and we get some gains on way down and hit our goal. Software exists the trades all hands-free, and once goal is hit stops trading. For more info visit:

Trading123 specializes in automated trading systems and algorithmic trading strategies for the NinjaTrader trading platform. We offer our trading system to beginners and professional traders and trading firms.  At Trading123 we distinguish ourselves on developing and perfecting automated trading systems that take advantage of market conditions. The key to developing an automated trading system that it actually works in multiple market conditions during bull and bear markets. Remove the emotions from trading by using our automated trading systems.