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Automated Trading Systems

Automated Trading Systems: Here is the play of the day on NQ using the Trading123  AutoTrader. We trading 3 contracts with targets and 15 tick stop. Trend reversal software gets long three contracts, the background color changes so the trend is up, and we catch some gains on way up. Trend reversal

Trading123 NinjaTrader 8 Indicators

NinjaTrader 8 and their new trading platform came out in late 2016. It is new and improved with many new features. Visit there web site to learn more at . We have been working on the programming for converting the NinjaTrader 7 indicators over to NinjaTrader 8.  As you cannot import your NinjaTrader

Money Management

Trading123 Money Management Trade 1 contract per $3000 in your account. Look for $150 a day in gains per contract This will generate $3000 a month in gains for 1 contract Focus on being consistent in your gains, build your account slowly After 90 days you have increased your account Then trade 2 contracts

Crude Oil – Spotting a Reversal

Crude Oil futures are traded on the NYMEX Exchange and the pit opens at 9:00 am eastern time, and trades until 2:30 pm. The last half hour and the first half hour are where the gains.  Mondays are typically slow low volume trading in Crude oil, just like Fridays. So I like to trade the

CL Trade Market Timing

In trading its all about market timing, get in at right moment your a winner, wrong and your a loser. Thats how it works, and most get it wrong for the first few years.  With our Trading123 AutoTrader  we will show you how market timing works, how the patterns repeat, and how to trade them

AutoTrader Play of The Day

Here we have a reversal on Crude Oil trading with the Trading123 AutoTrader. Trading 2 contracts and goal was hit. AutoTrader exited the trade, locked in our gains and all trades were 100% automated trading. Autotrader made the entry's and exits all hands free.  For more info visit Trading123 AutoTrader     Today was fed