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Price tracker indicator take all the second-guessing and hesitation in trading

Trading123 Price Tracker NinjaTrader 7

The price tracker indicator is an advanced indicator that moves with the price action. 

price tracker
  • Simple to use and learn, it was designed for hedge funds and major trading firms and now is available to day traders.
  • Price breaks over the blue line long entry. Price breaks under the red line your short.
  • Our indicators are applicable to all global markets and various time frames including minute, daily, tick, volume and Renko bars.  
  • Play the breakouts with precise entry and targets
  • Available for NinjaTrader 7 & 8 Ninjatrader 7 download

We are a proud member of the NinjaTrader Ecosystem since 2007. We have passed an extensive vendor background check that included checking Criminal & Civil Court records, and financial history. 

NinjaTrader Indicators

  • Blue line is resistance and moves with the price action
  • Red line is support and moves with the price action
  • Very powerful breakouts, which result in quick breakout trades
  • No need for moving averages, price tracker far more accurate
  • Price breaks above blue line go long, exit when price hits blue line
  • Price breaks below red line go short, exit when price hits red line
  • Triggered alert list with sound, identifies the alerts and crosses
  • Most advance indicator, moves right with price action, no lagging

The Trading123 NinjaTrader indicators come with Step by Step Manuals and Trading Videos.

When you buy an indicator what good is it if you don’t know how to properly use it? All the Trading123 indicators come with a PDF manual that explains how to install the indicator and use it within  NinjaTrader. Plus there is a video to review on how to trade with the indicator, how we trade it so you can be consistent with the software. Patterns repeat each day, so you trade the same setups each day. Powerful ninjatrader indicators and strategies.

price tracker


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