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Market Delta Indicator

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Five Good Reasons Market Delta Indicator will Become your Favorite Indicator

  1. Clear Entry Points
    When Using the “Market Delta Indicator” there’s no second-guessing ever. The entry points are based on non-lagging market-generated institutional volume flow. Entries are easy to identify and execute.
  2. Clear Exit Points
    When using the “Market Delta Indicator” you’ll know when to exit by looking for the high volume prints which is essential for precision position sizing and money management.
  3. Easy to Learn – Easy to Understand – Easy to Trade
    Watch are training videos on using the software  you can learn the Market Delta Indicator in less than 60 minutes. This makes it the perfect trading strategy for beginners!
  4. Eliminates Fear & Uncertainty
    The Market Delta Indicator uses non-lagging institutional order flow and identifies the major moves of the day. This eliminates hesitation and guesswork.  Which is one of the biggest problems traders face, instead of facts and probability.
  5. Great Part-Time Income In 60 Minutes A Day
    Trading is the only thing I know of that you can do for about 60 minutes a day… and have the opportunity to earn several hundred dollars a day. The Market Delta Indicator is a GREAT first step to move toward this goal.

Trading123 Market Delta Indicator for NnjaTrader 7 or 8  Normal Price $595  Sale $495 for One Life Time License. All Sales are Final !

With the Market Delta Indicator…

  • Identify high volume areas that pinpoint the best trade locations
  • Visualize the volume to easily determine where the major moves are
  • Easily see the reversals and trend turning points by watching the volume prints
  • Volume Profile Bar enables you to visualize the volume profiles quickly. 
  • Automatically loads the data from your data provider allowing you to start trading
  •  We provide full documentation by videos and manuals on how to use it, and support. 
Market Delta
Trading123 Market Delta

Trading123 Market Delta, high print off a Trend high = Trend Change. High sell print over 200 all sellers and new down trend starts. Sold off for 30 to 60 tick potential profits. 

Chart below was an afternoon reversal on heavy buy print of 349, and buyers continues as it moved up. Sell on Red Candle and heavy sell print with potential profits of 20 to 50 ticks with the Trading123 Market Delta indicator. 

Trading123 Market Delta
Market Delta Volume Indicator

In the chart above were trading Crude Oil and on left side of the chart we have a downtrend that ends as a heavy volume print at the low is sign of a reversal. Then we get a heavy volume print which show 131 in the delta box and its dark green, all buyers. Long over 71 and buying continues up we go.  Then the chart below is continuation of the move. You stay long as all the renko bars are green. Red renko bar and high volume print like we get on first red renko bar  at 10:24 and it prints a sell of over 400 and is dark red time to cover the long. Potential profits of 60 ticks makes for some nice gains. And these patterns repeat every day. 

market delta indicator
Market Delta Indicator
Tradng123 Volume Delta

The volume delta displays volume bar by bar so you see when the buyers are buying and sellers selling. Not a lagging indicator works in real time and does not repaint. At 12:02 pm on the chart you get all buyers after a sell off and a print of 568, and heavy prints continue after that print. And up the price goes. Sell when you see all sellers at the 12:53 pm, a print of 417 its time to take profits and or go short. Stay long as long as the renkos are green, and delta boxes are green. A red renko bar and red high volume delta box time to take gains as the Crude Oil chart above shows.

Crude Oil here at 12:53 pm this is a continuation of the chart above. Heavy sell print of 417 time to cover long or go short. And selling continues by red prints, and lower we go. You would enter short and use a .03 tick stop above the high of the renko bar where you entered so little risk. Down we go see a print that turns dark green time to cover short as we got all buyers at 13:25 pm with a print of 629. So if you missed short go long, and use the same stop method. With this you are bound to get some gains and the Trading123 Market Delta doesn’t repaint. 

Volume Delta NinjaTrader

Crude Oil end of day run, we have a sell off then a strong reversal @ 14:25 pm were you see the 443 Volume print on order flow analysis. Bar closes green followed by another high volume print of 180 as buyers are coming in end of day and our premium non lagging indicator shows the prints of volume . And the buying continues as the price goes higher. 

Market Delta for NinjaTrader 7 or 8

$ 495
One Lifetime License. All Sales are Final
Limited Offer

Product Description

  • It reads market sentiment bar by bar if the volume is positive there is a bullish trend if its negative there is a bearish trend. This will give the trader and overall idea of trend direction of the market delta.

  • In reading it you will be able to pick the bottoms and tops by reading the volume bars.
  • Volume profile, price, and order flow analysis can be seen in every single bar. Color-coded volume bars underneath the candle show the volume as the chart shows.
  • Volume Alerts Added 7/2018
  • You get one license per purchase.
  • You get the indicator for Ninjatrader 7 and Ninjatrader 8, along with the Trading123 Renko Bars for NinjaTrader 7 and NinjaTrader 8. Include an educational video on how to trade with it and manual on how to use market delta.

Market Delta

  • Easy to read when buyers are in control and sellers
  • Identify the most consistent trade setups
  • See the volume in each bar, see buyers and sellers
  • Customize the colors you wish to use
  • Works in real time, not a lagging indicator
  • See were the reversal happen by reading the volume delta
  • Manual & Video explains how to trade with it
  • Custom sound file alerts for order flow
  • Volume profile and order flow analysis.
  • Included for NinjaTrader 7 and 8 and Trading123 Renko Bars

Market Delta – NinjaTrader

  • Easy to learn-Easy to understand
  • Clear Entry Points-No more second guessing
  • Non-Lagging Market Generated Data
  • Entries are easy to identify and easy to place orders
  • Clear Exit Points for precise money management
  • Eliminates Fear & Uncertainty
  • Identifies Trades regardless of Market Conditions
  • Read Real Time trading bias with the profile
  • Works only with the NinjaTrader Trading Platform
  • Any questions contact us and we’re here to help

NinjaTrader 7 Version trade setup all green buyer prints @ 12:21 pm  huge order flow of buyers there, up we go. Sell when bars turn the light blue. The color coded bars keep you on right side of trend. Note in NinjaTrader 7 the Delta Indicator will not plot on the chart unless your connected to live data, and it doesn’t record historical data. One license per purchase. All sales are final.

ninjatrader indicators

Market Delta Indicator Video


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