Trading 123 Delta Trader

Market Delta Strategy

  • Software algorithms to monitor order flow and price reversals
  • Color coded volume boxes show volume prints
  • Strategy enters the trades for you
  • Trade entries based on what the market is telling you
  • Calculates % of WIns & Losses
  • Available for NinjaTrader 8 only
  • Set Profit targets, trade any contract size
  • Will get in the 1st or 2nd Bar on Reversal

One Lifetime License NinjaTrader 8

$ 3995
One Time Fee, One Lifetime License
N8 Only
Trading123 Market Delta Strategy

The Market Delta Strategy reads the institutional  order flow bar by bar and delivers real time buy and sell signals based on institutional order flow. Volume profile and order flow analysis can be seen in every renko bar. In trading institutional order flow moves the price action and is the leading factor in trend reversals.  With our Market Delta Strategy it reads the order flow by reading the buy and sell volume pressure.  

This strategy is only available for NinjaTrader 8 and comes with the Trading123 Renko Bars. Can be used with other bar types but we prefer Renko as it works the best.

Trading123 is a proud member of the NinjaTrader Ecosystem since 2007. Our strategies and indicators are applicable to all global markets.

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Trading123 Delta Trader Strategy– NinjaTrader 8 Only

Trading123 Market Delta

Price, Volume & Order Flow

Trading ES with the Volume Delta Strategy. Trading three contracts, heavy sell print of over 500 the strategy goes short. More heavy sell prints as we head lower. Sells off to 1st target and and max daily profit goal was hit.  Profit and Loss box shows number of trades, % of wins or losses, profit or loss and the date of the trades.  On this trade it did 3 trades 100% winners. 

Trading123 Market Delta
NinjaTrader 8 Strategy

Delta Strategy - Follow the Volume

NinjaTrader strategy for trading the futures markets. Let the strategy make the trades for you by following real time buy and sell signals based on institutional traders. Trade longs or shorts based and the order flow. 

The strategy shows the amount of trades, % of wins and the profit or loss.

The NinjaTrader strategy comes with Step by Step Trading Videos on how to setup the strategy and run it.  Comes with a lifetime of free upgrades for the strategy and it is for NinjaTrader 8 only. 

Trading123 Volume Delta Strategy

Custom algorithm that follows the institutional order flow

Trading123 Delta Trader

Trading123 Market Delta Strategy

ES Trading123 Volume Delta Trader

Trading123 Market Delta
Trading123 Market Delta Strategy

NinjaTrader delta strategy

  • Color coded Analytics bar at the bottom shows the volume per bar
  • Trade any amount of contracts
  • Trade multiple futures ES, CL, NQ, YM at the same time
  • Dark Green box buyers in control
  • Dark Red box sellers in control
  • Strategy reads the volume prints, executes the trades
  • Set any amount of profit goal, and loss goal

Any questions contact us and were here to help