Opening Range Breakout Strategy

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Determine Open Range

Select the range settings by entering the trading times, we supply all this information in the manuals and videos. 

Enter Order Parameters

Enter contracts to trade, entry offset, profit amounts, loss risk.

Choose Stops, Targets and Profits

Choose Exit Methods, stop loss, profit targets and trailing stops and Profit and Loss targets. 

Opening Range Breakout Strategy

The Opening Range Breakout automated trading strategy for NinjaTrader 8. Let the strategy trade the directional bias of the predefined range long or short. The software will define the range and the strategy will automatically place the orders. Advanced Fibonacci levels plot on the charts to give you predetermined targets to take your gains.  

In the first hour of trading is the most volatile time frame during the day and can be the most profitable. Let our opening range breakout strategy find the moves and trade them. A simple strategy to learn and trade it, in any future, the CL, NQ, ES, YM or GC, and many others. We give you the guidelines on how to set it up covered in the manual and videos. 

This is a pattern that often repeats the Opening range breakouts is one of the important reversal and continuation chart patterns,  designed to capture the moves or reversal during the first hour of trading. The first hour is the most active and is where the breakouts happen. This is where you can make most of your money quickly. 

Opening Range Breakout

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Opening Range Breakout
Opening Range Breakout

Opening Range Sell Off ES

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Opening Range Breakout

Here is an example of the Open Range Breakout in the ES Emini trading three contracts. We get a breakout to the upside and we had a small profit goal due to the small range in the ES. Price moves up and hits the goal. The software comes with manual and videos that explain fully how to trade with it. How to identify the breakouts and catch the big moves.  The opening range is one of the most important chart patterns to learn and make trades in the futures or stock markets.  Opening range levels act as a magnet to the price action.

Configure the strategy with your entries/exits, stop loss, trailing stop, breakeven, and multiple profit targets. Trade 1 or 100 contracts with no restrictions on the software. 

The software is available for NinjaTrader 8 only and comes with a lifetime of free upgrades, a trading manual, and videos on how to trade with it.  No restrictions on the strategy trade 1 or 100 contracts. 

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Opening Range Breakout Trade ES

We are trading the ES with our Open Range Breakout Strategy it identifies the breakout area and gets long three contracts. We set profit targets of 8, 14 and 20 ticks price moved up and hit our targets for a nice gain as it shows on the chart.  This is a strategy that is simple to learn and use in your trading.  

Fibonacci levels identify support and resistance levels and use them as targets to take profits. 1st profit target is 61.8 Fib, then the 100% Fibonacci Level. These levels are all explained in the manual and videos that come with the software.

Our online video course that comes with the software will teach you how to trade the Opening Range Breakout and give you the edge in your electronic trading. The levels are easily identified on the chart.

Opening Range Breakout Strategy

Opening Range Breakdown ES

Here is the ES with the  Opening Range Breakout Strategy its an advanced strategy to identify breakouts and breakdowns. Price broke below the Opening Range low which triggered the strategy to go short three contracts. It sells off and we had a $400 price target on this trade and it hit it and exits the trade. With this strategy there are no restrictions, trade as many contracts you wish, and any dollar amount.

These patterns repeat each day you either have an opening range breakout high or an opening range breakout low.  And the strategy will trade both of them hit your targets and take your gains. These moves are usually explosive and fast. 

Opening Range Breakout Strategy


Opening Range Breakout Crude Oil

Here is the Crude Oil with the  Opening Range Breakout Strategy its an advanced strategy to identify breakouts and breakdowns. Crude Oil breakdown over the opening range low and moves lower. We hit our profit targets on way down and take our gains. 

These patterns repeat each day you either have an opening range breakout high or an opening range breakout low.  And the strategy will trade both of them hit your targets and take your gains. These moves are usually explosive and fast. 

The Fibonacci levels to the upside and downside are plotted automatically for you on the chart and price often runs to them.  Some of the levels are major reversals and that is profit-taking areas, and this is all explained in our manual and video on using the software. 

Opening Range Breakout Strategy

Opening Range Breakout ES

Here is another example of the ES and the open range breakout. Big move to the upside as the ES brokeout and hit its first two profit targets. Then the third contract hit our goal and exit the trade.  Price gets above the Opening Range High, triggers the strategy to go long, and we have pre-determined profit targets selected when we set up the strategy. The Fibonacci levels are used to suggest the next support or resistance level of the price. These Fibonacci numbers predict where the price will go and the lines are drawn automatically.  The Fibonacci Levels are labeled right on the chart that identifies the support and resistance areas. These are fully customizable to your trading style. Don’t like the 238.2 Fibonacci number you could change it to 200. In addition, you can edit the line colors, style, and weight as you see we have various settings for the lines, some are solid some have dashes. 

Opening Range Breakout Trading

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Opening Range Breakout
Opoening Range Breakout Strategy
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