Squeeze Indicator

NinjaTrader Squeeze Indicator

Squeeze Indicator

Squeeze Indicator Ninjatrader 8

With the squeeze indicator, you can quickly and easily identify trends and trend strengths. it detects trend direction so you can quickly analyze and find your entries, stop placements, and exit points. The indicator captures breakout moves as its a volatility indicator allowing the trader to easily see what the next move is. Gauge the market quickly and easily by the color coded momentum bars and it can be used with any bar type.

Enhanced trading capabilities for clear buy and sell signals. Learn to catch bigger trends long or short and there is more opportunity than ever before in the market. Trade any futures or stock with this powerful, accurate indicator. 

In this trade were trading the NQ, and squeeze is showing that the momentum is below the zero line. Se we get short three contracts and ride the trend lower.  The momentum gets near the zero line and we exit the trade. Squeeze forms on the zero line and momentum turns green we get long three contracts and stay long as long as the momentum is above the zero line. We move to the highs and a double top and we then take our profits on the trade. The color-coded bars of the squeeze indicator make it easy to identify the momentum and trade setups these patterns repeat each day. We showed you two trades that were easily identified by using the indicator.


Squeeze Indicator Ninjatrader

Here is a chart of the ES we get a breakout to new highs and the squeeze indicator shows strong momentum and higher we go ride the trend. With the squeeze indicator it allows you to ride the longer trends, as the momentum bars are telling you what is going on in real time. Enter a long when the blue dots appear on the zero line and the momentum bars are light green. Video below shows this live trade as it happens and I explain how the indicator works.

The Squeeze Indicator will become your favorite indicator, as it identifies trade setups for entries and exits.  In the chart above the ES  peaks at a high. Then the momentum bars get near the zero line and go red for a short entry. It sells off for well over 60 ticks. When the momentum bars get above the zero line it’s time to exit the trade this indicator is very precise and accurate. The Custom Renko bars are included and they come with a manual and videos on using them.

Trading123 Squeeze indicator identifies entries and exits by measuring momentum. Simple to use price over the zero-line trend is up, as you see Crude Oil moved up off the lows and ran to the highs.  Price below the zero line the trend is down. This indicator is available for NinjaTrader 8 and comes with the Trading123 Renko Bars. The indicator can be used with any other bar type but we prefer Renko bars as they work best.

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Squeeze Indicator
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Yes, you will receive and PDF manual that explains on how to install the software and a video on how to install it.

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