Trading123 SR Zones NinjaTrader 8

Trading123 SR Zones are the best patterns available for support and resistance levels for all futures and stock markets worldwide. This indicator for Ninjatrader offers precise price levels that identify price targets, entries, and stop loss management. Levels are color coded for support and resistance. Indicator can be used on any chart type from, minute, tick, range, volume or renko. There are No Free Trials to the software.

Trading123 provides unlimited support for all our products, were here to help. Trading123 is a proud member of the NinjaTrader Ecosystem since 2007. Our strategies and indicators are applicable to all global markets. All sales are final there are no refunds because I changed my mind. The item you are purchasing is digital download and trading tool. By downloading the indicator you have taken ownership of the item, we cannot offer refunds or exchanges.

SR Zones Support & Resistance

The SR Zones provide support and resistance level for all markets no matter what you trade. This is a self adjusting algorithm that will help you discover where the major support and resistance levels are. Will work with any chart or bar type. 

Software will precisely identify support and resistance live in the market. And it also identifies accumulation and distribution zones. 

One Time Fee, One Lifetime License N8 $325

Trading SR Zones

This indicator is only available for NinjaTrader 8

Chart Type

Trade with Any Chart Type

Precisely accurate

Identifies S & R zones in real time as the market move

Support & Resistance

All markets, stocks or futures

Precise price levels

No where the market is going before it gets there
Crude Oil Reversal off Support
Trading123 SR Zones

Hit Resistance and Sold off to Support

Trading123 Zones

Support & Resistance Zones

See where the price is going, where the support is, and resistance.

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