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Trading Play of Day

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Trading123 AutoTrader - NQ

Trading123 AutoTrader trading the NQ here during September, 2020 were the market is in big ranges which means bigger gains. AutoTrader gets long after a pullback, trading 3 contracts our first two profit targets are hit on the up move. The last contract taken out by trail stop. Trend change lower we go and goal hit.  AutoTrader makes all the decisions, never hesitates, or overthinks a trade.  

Volume Delta

Micro Emini - Volume Delta

Micro Emini with the Trading123 Volume Delta indicator that reads the instotutional volume flow. You look for big volume proints at the lows. And thats what happen here, after a sell off big volume comes in, trend change and back up we go.  Sell on Big sell print, exit the trade. Read and follow the volume most accurate indicator for trend changes. 

SR Zones

Trading123 SR Zones Indicator - Emini

Here were trading the Emini with the Trading123 SR Zones indicator that plots major support and resistance areas.  In trading, you short resistance and buy or sell at support. That’s what we did short the resistance red zone 2 contracts price sells off to the next support zone and target hit.

Know the levels before the price gets there.  Trade any futures with the Trading123 SR Zones Indicator. 

Micro Emini Automated Trading Strateiges

Micro - Emini

Trading the Micro Emini with the Trading123 AutoTrader. Were trading 10 contracts  with a $500 max gain goal. Trend change autotrader gets long, hits its first target and we exit 3 contracts. Next target exits 5 contracts. and the trend change gets us out the last 2 with nice gains.  

AutoTrader gets short on a trend change and we sell off some and we take out gains and close out the trade. We didn’t hit our profit target but was close.  


color background chart

Crude Oil Manual Trade

Here were using our Smart Sonar indicator that identifys the trend like the autotrader. Trading Crude Oil we short 3 contracts on trend change. We have profit targets of +8, +10 and runner. 

So first two targets hit for some gains, runner working, see how much we can get on the down trend. Crude Oil sells off to are profit target and we get +31 ticks on the runner. So total trade netted 49 ticks for nice gains. You can see the live video of the trade here.   Live Trade  Crude Oil 


Automated Trading

Crude Oil & AutoTrader

Traders need patience, here we just missed the short. No worries trend change we will catch the long on Crude Oil.   Trading 3 contracts, with profit goal of $520 and stop of $300. After 1/2 hour trend reversal and up move for some gains. 1st two targets hit, runner out near high. Trend change and down we go and max gain goal hit. Six trades and 100% winners.

Trading123 AutoTrader

Trading123 AutoTrader NQ

This is a trade on the NQ  we are trading 3 contracts, with profit goal of 1k and stop of $300. We are trading profit targets of 6, 10 and a runner to catch 85% of trend. Software made 27 trades and 81% winners and we hit are profit goal of $994 as the chart shows.    

Trading123 Trailing Stops

Trading123 Trailing Stops Crude Oil

Two Indicators we are using here to trade Crude Oil are the Trailing Stops, and the Trendline indicator. The trailing stop fired off red hash mark about the renko bars, and the trendline was in overbought area up near the green -60 line. We enter short 3 contracts with an ATM strategy looking for some quick gains. Price moves lower and trend line dots go red to confirm the move.  

The first target is hit at 7 ticks, 2nd target at 11 and 3rd at 20 ticks. So that gives us $380 in gains on this quick trade using the Trading123 Two indicator package which you can find more out at the link below.  

TrendLine Crude Oil

Trading123 TrendLine Crude Oil

Here we are using the Trading123 Trendline Indicator to trade Crude Oil. It plots red and blue arrows at the tops and bottoms of the trend below and above the renko bars. The trendline on the bottom of the chart plots red for down trend and blue for uptrend. There are also the different colored dots for trend reversals. And you have your overbought and oversold areas on the trend line which are the green and red lines.  


So Crude makes a low, trend line goes blue and up it goes. Blue arrow under the candle confirms the up move. Then we peak at a Lower High, and yellow dot appears on the Green line, this is a short signal. We short 3 contracts at 58.31 with our ATM. Our first target is 10 ticks and second target is 15 ticks so that gives us a nice  $250 gain. Runner then hits our stop at 58.33 so we get 33 tic gain on the trade or $330 in gains using the Trading123 TrendLine indicator.  

Crude Oil Inventories

Crude Oil Inventories

On Wednesdays you have Crude Oil inventories that come out at 10:30 am. You should not be trading 5 minutes before the numbers come out as the action can be very quick. Here were trading 3 contracts like we do each day. We wait for the news to absorb in the market. 


We wait five to ten minutes after the news is out and start the autotrader. The ranges are usually wider so we up our profit goal. Here the autotrader gets long 3 contracts at 56.32 first target is 25 ticks on 2 contracts thats $500 gain. Runner then gets us out at 56.64 and our $800 goal is hit. We do this play each week, week after week, strategies that work.  

AutoTrend Line NinjaTrader 8

AutoTrend Line Crude Oil

Crude Oil chart with the Trading123 AutoTrend Line. Market was trending up, and then there was a trend change. Price broke threw the green trend line and lower we go. Nice sell off on profit taking after the highs.


The blue arrow on the chart also identifies the change, and you would enter short and ride it down till you got your profits, and manage the trade.  This trade you could of entered around 55.05 and ride it down for 20 to 25 ticks before I would take profits. On two contracts thats a nice gain. 

Market Delta Indicator

Market Delta ES Futures

Market rally here and the play of the day trading with the Trading123 Market Delta Indicator and trading the ES Futures. We get a high print of 1396 just after 09:54 am, followed by more high prints. Price box shows the dark green big buy prints. We get long at 3009.25 and first target hit at 3013.50 for 17 ticks. Second and third contracts are out at 3015.50 for 25 ticks.  So total gain on the trade is over $820 trading three contracts. 

Market delta reads the highs prints and allows us to get long with very little risk. Price moves up on strong volume prints. 

Futures Market
Crude Oil Play of Day

We are trading crude oil futures contract with the Trading123 AutoTrader. As a trader you should analyze the market to see the potential support and resistance areas. Here I analyze the range of crude oil futures market and it looks like its ready to fall off the cliff and move down to 54 support. So I raised my profit goal, and still trading three futures contracts. 

The chart shows the price action did fall off the cliff, and lower we go. Widen the profit targets,  first two targets hit trail stop gets us out last contract. Strong reversal and move back up, max gain goal hit.

ES Market Delta
ES Play of Day Market Delta

Here in afternoon trading we are day trading emini futures with our day trading software, Trading123 Market Delta Indicator. Trading two contracts of EMINI futures.  As the chart shows it just come off a downtrend. Heavy sell print of 441 at the low is key to the reversal. Followed by big buy print.

Looking for a high buy print over 300 to go long. We enter on the next candle and are stop is at the low of the wick of the previous candle so very little risk. Long @ 2918.75  volume continues to be strong as the dark green prints show, price moves up and we move our stop up. Slower market so looking to scalp this trade and are targets are 2922. Target was hit on 2 contracts for 3.25 points or 13 tick profit in day trading futures emini contract. 

Crude Oil Play of Day
Crude Oil Play of Day

Crude Oil trading at the 9:30 am open. Trading with the Trading123 AutoTrader three contracts of CRUDE OIL futures.  The automated trading system triggered a short trade @ 52.09 and the market sold off and hit our first profit target of 8 and second of 16 for nice gains. So thats 24 tick profit more than halfway to our profit goal.  Then the  runner moved down with the price action and Max gain goal that we set of 420 was hit.  This pattern repeats in trading and will see it again and trade it. 

Trade of Day Crude Oil

Crude Oil Play of Day

Chart of Crude Oil and the 9 am open, master this setup and repeat it each trading day. Trading with the Trading123 AutoTrader three contracts of CRUDE OIL futures.  The automated trading system triggered a short trade @ 52.18 and the market sold off down to 52. Our first two profit targets hit there profit goals. First profit at 9 ticks, second contract at 17 ticks.  And the runner moved down with the price action and Maxs gain goal that we set of 500 was hit.   This pattern repeats in trading and will see it again and trade it. 

Crude Oil

Two indicators and Crude Oil play of the day  here we trading with the Trading123 Market Delta Indicator and Trailing Stop, we get a high print of 603 at 10:22 am, followed by another two high prints over 100. We go long at 59.84 and first target hit at 59.93 second at 59.96. So we are in the profit of $210 and have one contract left. Crude pulls back and hits our stop and we exit the last contract at 59.90 with nice gains. 

Market delta reads the highs prints and allows us to get long with very little risk. Price moves up on strong volume prints, and our trail stop moves up with the price action protecting our gains. Using the two indicators gives us great confidence in our entries.  

Trading Play of Day
5 Star Rating by our Customers
Renko Charts
Play of Day - Crude Oil

Trading Crude Oil with Trading123 Autotrader we start the system at 10:31 am, were the yellow line is. Market is trending up an down. So were looking to catch some waves up or down and make some gains. Were trading three contracts, autotrader gets short, 1st two profit targets are hit. Third contract gets uq out by our trail stop.

Then a trend reversal for a move back up.  Autotrader makes all the decisions and entries and exits our futures trading strategies in action. We get 16 ticks gain from our entry and our max gain goal is hit as it shows on the chart great futures trading example.  

Trading123 proud member of the NinjaTrader Ecosystem since 2009

The Trading123 indicators are applicable to all global markets and various time frames including minute, daily, tick, volume and renko. You must use the most update version of NinjaTrader 7 and 8 for our software to work.  Our software only works with the Ninjatrader trading platform and no others.

Above all, we provide support for our software by phone or email, and all emails are answered within 2-3 hours. All sales are final, there are no refunds. Learn futures trading basics, futures trading strategies.


We have over 16 years of providing indicators and educational material to traders around the world. We design software for traders to improve there trading. We like advanced indicators as this is 2020. Old lagging indicators just dont work, simple as that. Our programmers are some of the best in the industry with over 25 years of experience, using the latest coding technology with the NinjaTrader platform from trading indicators to strategies. 

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