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AutoTrader NinjaTrader

The Trading123 AutoTrader for NinjaTrader and electronic trading. Trades are initiated based on our trade robot trading high or low-frequency trading. This allows for consistent trade opportunities using trading algorithms. The automated trading system has been programmed in NinjaTrader unmanaged mode. Made to precisely get in and out of trend changes. Above all, no worries of overfills or missed trades with our trading robot. 

Trading123 trade robot system is more accurate and quicker than a human trader.  All trades are done by an algorithm that took two years to develop into automated trading and was released over ten years ago. Trade with precision entries and exits every time with our trade robot. Traders struggle with entering a trade, with our NinjaTrader trading systems and our futures trading algorithms it makes all the decisions on entering trades and never hesitates.

Above all, we use the NinjaTrader 8 platform for our trade robot which is a far superior electronic trading platform for automated trading systems. Best of all its a free to download to use with our trading robot

Volume Delta Pro Indicator

Our volume delta indicator for Ninjatrader.  This indicator measures the volume and tracks buyers and sellers by the tick, giving you a live view of the order flow activity. Now plots it on the chart at the bottom so its easy to read and identify the trend. Here we are trading ES, big volume print of over 600 which means there is alot of buyers getting in. You see the high order flow prints live as the market moves. We go long three contracts on the high buy print and the order flow, and the price begins to move up quickly.  So with the chart you can see the volume moving the price and make a plan to take your gains.  See what other traders say about our software, click reviews.

 The software is only available for the NinjaTrader trading platform and you get a lifetime of free upgrades and superior support. For over 18 years we have designed custom indicators and strategies for traders. 

Algo Futures Trading Systems

Our new Algo Futures Trading System uses a combination of Trading123 indicators that we use to trade the Futures.  We have our new squeeze and Price action indicators that identify the trend changes by placing markers on the chart using a combination of the indicators. So you get a clear picture of when a trend change will happen, and the color-coded background that we use for the autotrader also identifies trend changes. 

The chart shows a trade we did on the ES recently and the trend marker plots a blue Renko bar for the start of an uptrend, and we enter a long on three contracts. The price moves up our squeeze indicator on the bottom of the chart confirms the move by turning green. Our ATR trail stop also gives you confirmation of the trend as the stop is underneath the Renko bars and the price moves up. We use an ATM strategy with price targets that are hit for a nice gain.  

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AutoMated Trading Strategies

Fully automated trade robot that manages all the trades for you.

AutoTrader NinjaTrader

Traders we have our trade robot system for Ninjatrader.  Trading strategy for trading futures or stocks. The chart above shows were trading three contracts and it made six trades for a 100% win rate and hit our profit goal. The AutoTrader has a filter to trade with the overall trend. Our automated trading system uses unmanaged orders so you fills are always precise in and out of the market, and you have no overfills or partial fills. So the orders are all filled at limit orders and at the same price. Precise entries and exits on trend reversals make this the best automated trading strategy.  See what other traders say about our software, click reviews.

Precise entries with the NinjaTrader trade robot, trade multiple futures, uses NinjaTrader unmanaged mode, a lifetime of free upgrades, and a one-time fee. For over 18 years we have designed custom indicators and strategies for traders. Never second guess a trade again with a trading robot. Let the trading robot do all the trades for you with our NinjaTrader trading system. Precisely accurate, never hesitates, know second-guessing fully automated hands-free trading.

Opening Range Breakout Strategy

This is a powerful strategy called the opening range breakout for traders to identify support and opening range breakout levels.  The chart shows trade on the Crude Oil where the software identifies the breakout levels. The strategy gets short the price sells off and moves lower and targets hit for a nice gain. 

With the breakout strategy, the moves are usually explosive and quick. For more info click the link below.

Two Indicator Sale

Our Trading123 Two Indicator system get any two indicators for a special discount price. On the chart, you have the Squeeze Indicator and the Volume Delta Pro Indicator. 

Volume Delta reads the high volume prints as crude moved up. It peaked at a high, then heavy sell volume came in as the indicator shows. And squeeze indicator was at the zero line and going lower. We shorted five contracts for a quick gain.

Save on purchasing two indicators over just one.  In the chart example, we have the Trading123 Squeeze Indicator that measures momentum and volatility. The Trading123 Volume Delta PRO Indicator reads institutional order flow.

See when the trend reversal by following the volume, big buy prints come in at the lows, you get a trend change, and the market moves. Exit on the heavy sell prints or when the price hits the resistance zone. All indicators and strategies come with full manuals or videos that explain how to set up the software and use it on NinjaTrader 8.


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