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NinjaTrader Strategies

Creating Custom
Indicators and Strategies

We have been refining the finest customized strategies and indicators for NinjaTrader for over two decades. NinjaTrader stands out as one of the foremost charting and execution platforms in the industry. Both professional and retail traders turn to us for tailor-made strategies and indicators.

With over thirty years of experience, our programmers employ cutting-edge coding techniques and rank among the most skilled professionals in the field. Our suite of indicators and strategies is designed to enhance your trading performance. We provide top-notch customer support for our products via phone, email, or chat.

Trading Automation Software

In recent years, automated trading bots have gained increasing popularity in the trading industry. These bots offer significant advantages by eliminating emotions from the decision-making process.

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AlgoBot Strategy

Traders, we have our automated trading bot software for Ninjatrader. Trading strategy for trading futures.

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Opening Range Strategy

Traders use this strategy to identify support levels and breakout levels of opening ranges. The chart shows trade on Crude Oil, where the software identifies the breakout levels.

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Order Flow Strategy ES

Order Flow Strategy

Our new order flow strategy for trading the ES, measures the order flow for precise entries and exits.

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