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AutoTrader Frequently Asked Questions

What markets will the AutoTrader trade?

Any markets worldwide. stocks, futures, crude oil, or forex pairs. No restrictions on times to trade, share size, contracts, or a number of trades a day.

Is there a free trial to the Autotrader?

No free trials, we spent two years developing this system and it's for the serious traders only. The software was developed for serious traders, and you will have to spend 2-4 weeks learning how the markets work, our timing methods we use. And for that reason, we offer no free trials. We educate you on how the market works and provide you with manuals and online videos that will help you become a better trader and change your life. We provide support 24/7 by phone or email which is answered quickly within 2 hours. The education you get on how the markets work, we can't give it away for free.

Does it use Managed or Un Managed Orders?

The autotrader uses unmanaged orders as suggested by NinjaTrader. Unmanaged orders provide for nice smooth trades and reversals.

Are orders submitted as Market Orders? 

 No, we use limit orders to get the current price.

What about upgrades?

 They are provided for free for a lifetime of your license. The software was released in 2014 and is updated twice a year as we make improvements to it to work with NinjaTrader 8 updates.

Can I trade overnight markets or pre-market? 

Yes, you can trade any markets worldwide 24 hours a day. No restrictions on trading times, contracts, or profit amount.

I want just one license for the Autotrader what's the price?

Sorry it's sold with two licenses as most traders have a main computer and a laptop.  There is no discount for just one license. The software and educational material are more valuable and should be considered an investment in your trading career that will last a lifetime and we're not selling it for 1/2 the price.

What about support/learning curve and manuals and videos?

There is a trading manual that explains in very easy detail how to set up the autotrader and get it running. It's a simple as using ninjatrader, and there are further videos that give you step by step instructions on setting up the strategy for different futures and using it.  Support is provided 24/7 by email with most emails answered within 2 hours. We also provide telephone support and support with Online meeting software with GOTO Meeting. The learning curve will be based on your trading experience, which can be as little as one week, but we usually say take 2-4 weeks to learn how to use it, and apply the info you will learn from the manuals, and videos, and how market timing works.  Our videos go into great detail on our software, we cover everything.   

What is included in the Price of Autotrader? 

 Trading123 AutoTrader Strategy  software with free lifetime updates for NinjaTrader  8 and two licenses to use on any two computers. Access to the trading videos to review how to use the software and  how to setup and use the software. And the Autotrader manual and the manuals for the various indicators. Crude Oil Secrets- How Programs Trade Crude Oil video value of $395 and Trading video which is available online immediately. Market timing manual with step-by-step instructions on how the market works and how to apply market timing. Trading123 Money management guide that explains how to manage trades and contracts to trade. Trading123 Indicators that you see on the web site are included. These included the Tradng123 TrendLine, Volume Delta, Automatic Fibonacci Levels, SR-Zones, Trailing Stop, Renko Bars, Price Tracker, Market Cycle, AutoTrendLine, Chart Colored background. Any new indicators or other completely new strategies developed after your purchase are not included. 

Is it be available for NinjaTrader 8

Yes since 1/15/2017

What trading platform can it be used on?

Only with NinjaTrader Trade platform. Ninjatrader is the most reliable and trustworthy platform that is integrated with all major brokers' software. We have no plans to develop it for any other platform. It's available only for NinjaTrader  8.

What if I get a new computer?

Email us the new machine ID and we would just program your new machine ID into the database and your good to trade.

What time zones are the manuals and videos and web site in?

All charts display times in the Eastern Time zone or New York Time

Are there audio alerts?

Yes, every time a trade is placed you get the same audio alerts you hear in NinjaTrader. And you can turn the audio alerts on or off.

Where can I find my NinjaTrader Machine ID? 

In NinjaTrader go to the Control Center window, click "Help" and choose "About" In the About NinjaTrader window find "Machine ID" Copy and paste the number into your email to send to us after purchase. Please note, the License ID is not the same as the Machine ID.  Watch this video on how to find it:

What are the LE1 and SE1 labels on the autotrader charts?

This is all explained in the documentation in the manual and videos provided. But SE1 stands for a short entry, and LE1 is a long entry.

I want to use a VPS Virtual Private Server will it work ?

The Trading123 Autotrader Strategy can be hosted on a virtual server or VPS if you need to. You would just have to send us the machine ID for the VPS server once you get it.  We will then program the license for that machine ID.  We suggest using Speedy Trading Servers VPS as you can find more at this link:  

What are the Computer Requirements to run AutoTrader? 

You must have a Solid State Drive or SSD Drive, a minimum of 8 GB of Ram but I would use 16 GB for better performance and 32 GB is ultimate.  Your graphics card is the most important thing, you will need a graphics card that handles DirectX10 to load the graphics in NinjaTrader. The minimum requirements are listed in the NinjaTrader 8 help guide:

Are there any guarantees with the AutoTrader? 

Per the required CFTC Risk Disclosure Statement guidelines, we cannot provide guarantees regarding any future performance. Please read the risk disclaimer posted on the bottom of this page, and the full risk disclosure on our website.

What is the cost of the AutoTrader?

There are no monthly or yearly renewal fees for the current price visit this page:

NinjaTrader Platform Frequently Asked Question

Where can I download the NinjaTrader Platform?

At this link: 

How can I learn more about using the NinjaTrader Platform?

Visit there support page, they provide very good support, should you have any questions just email them: Visit page:

Does NinjaTrader have a Help Guide?

Visit the Help Guide at:

Does NinjaTrader have a Video Library?
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