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How it began

I got involved in the Stock Market after investing in Mutual Funds during the early 80’s and 90’s. I traded with various professional traders with years of experience when I was first starting at a local Trading Firm. After watching a young trader who was about 25 make over 15k in one day,and other days he would routinely make 5 to 10k. Now this was during the dot com craze when stocks would routinely move 4 to 9 points a day. I wanted to learn from him, as he was always consistent. So I mentored with him, watching him trade each day for months. So after watching and learning from him, I developed my own trading methods and style, using my own technical analysis, chart patterns, support and resistance, breakouts and breakdowns. Back in 2000 there were no really fancy indicators like you have now, support and resistance, volume and moving averages is what traders uses.

I decided to start my own website back in January of 2004, first with the daily alerts stock picker newsletter and trader mentoring and education to help other traders in the stock market. I then began to train and teach traders on how to trade the markets daily, based on basic fundamentals, keeping it simple, easy and not overwhelming you with to much info, so the average trader could have success in trading the markets.  Trading is based all in the charts and you nee