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Chart background color indicator for NinjaTrader 8 Indicators Smart Sonar is the same indicator we use with the Trading123 Autotrader. It gives precise color-coded trend changes in the price action.  The indicator moves with the price action so always be on the right side of the trend. Very simple to follow the trend changes, a must-have indicator for traders.

Renko Results: The Renko charts remove the choppiness and filter the noises and make for some nice trading when you can see the clear trend on the Renko charts.

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Crude Oil Trend Change

Crude oil reversal with the Smart Sonar indicator. Crude has a trend change entry around 52.95 price moves up for the potential of 20 to 30 tick gain. Got to a high of 53.30 so if you were trading 2 contracts you would have had some nice gains. These patterns repeat each day.

Smart sonar indicator is available for both NinjaTrader 8. The Trading123 Renko bars are sold separately. Indicator can be used with any chart type from a minute, range, tick, volume, or Renko.

ES Trend Change

Trend change on ES chart background goes red for a short entry. Sells off for a few points and reverses for a breakout. Long entry over 3354 and it runs too a high of 3363 for a nice breakout worth 24 to 32 ticks on a breakout. Very easy to follow and very precise and accurate in the trend changes.

Trade Stocks of Futures with this indicator. Go long or short based on your trading style. This indicator can go on multiple charts, and the chart background color indicator never repaints once plotted.

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Smart Sonar Indicator

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Chart Background Crude Oil

Here is a chart of crude oil, chart background color indicator identifies the trend. There is a trend change and the chart background turns green. Price breaks out and higher we go, ride the trend. As long as the background is green stay long. Entry would have been above 52.30 and the price moves higher to 52.85 for a nice breakout and gains on Crude Oil.

Custom Colors: The advanced indicator moves right with the price action. Chart colors make them any color you wish

Color Chart Background NQ

NQ chart with the Smart Sonar indicator is more accurate than any lagging indicator. Color-coded trend background determines the trend, just like the autotrader. NQ trend changed to the upside for a great breakout.

Make some gains on the long or short, background color keeps you on the right side of the trend. These patterns repeat all day. Tradung123 Renko Bars are sold separately.

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