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Trading123 Reviews

Trading123 Reviews

James England reviewed Trading123.Net algorithmic trading systems 5 Stars

I have been a client of Patricks for approximately 5 years. Patrick the head trader has taught me how to trade full stop. I learnt quickly that he knows what he is talking about and that all I had to do was stop and listen. I am a self-confessed indicator junky and have tried the majority of styles, indicators and other ways of trading however I have always come back to Patrick and his excellent methods. He provides value and an excellent Autotrader that I still use today. It amazes me that even though he is trading using the Autotrader successfully he is always trying to improve the product for his clients. He has always been available to me and even conducted remote sessions when my view of the market was not up to scratch.  I would recommend him to anyone and am happy to take calls from anyone asking questions about him and his products.

Benefits of the Autotrader are it enforces discipline and gives an unbiased view on the market. If the trend breaks the auto will be in the trade without hesitation. It is fully customizable and can be used on all markets.  Although Patrick doesn’t trade the GC I use it on that and find even without Patricks road map which he would normally provide for any instrument he trades, the Autotrader works perfectly and keeps you in the trade. If it doesn’t then normally it’s not worth it.

Patrick is a 5 star teacher and has a 5 star product.

trading123 autotraderDexter Brewer reviewed Trading123.Net5 star

algorithmic trading systems

Hello Patrick,

I just wanted to say thanks. I would consider the Renko bars, and the information in the NQ Roadmap essential to my trading success. My equity curve is now more stable than ever and headed in the right direction (bottom left to upper right). I would look at your twitter posts for weeks and I’m just happy I took a leap of faith and landed such a great set of products that really work and that I could actually afford.

Thanks again for all you do. Keep up the good work!


algorithmic trading autotrader strategys

Andy Schwartz 

5 Starsalgorithmic trading systems

If you are a unsuccessful day trader like I was, you need to try this system and trading method. I was a very unsuccessful on and off futures day trader for 20 years. I had purchased and tried numerous indicators/systems and even two online trading rooms with very little success. I was about to give trading up when I came across the Trading123 website. After reviewing all the info on the site, looking back at alot of the trades posted on their twitter account and several emails of questions which they answered, I decided to purchase their Futures Trading System. After studying all the considerable amount of info that comes with the system including both how to set it up on Ninja Trader and very well written instructions on how to trade both the NQ and CL, I started to trade it on sim.

Well after just two weeks of sim trading, I knew this was the right system for me, but I wanted to get the full automation power of Ninja Trader so I upgraded to the Trading123 Autotrader. Once I learned to forget everything I had done before and started trading using the timing guidelines that I had learned from their education material as well as using the other indicators that come with the system, I started to become profitable. I have now been trading using Autotrader for about a year and could not be happier.

Customer service has been great as Patrick, the head trader, has always been available by email and has always fully answered all my questions. I really appreciate the posting of their trades on Twitter (even losing ones) each day and the extra help they provide with YouTube videos.

Trading123 Reviews AutoTrader

 trading123 reviews


Constantino Kontopirakis reviewed Trading123.Net  

5 Stars algorithmic trading systems

Patrick has created a really easy user friendly platform to trade. Well designed software. What I like the most is the patterns do repeat everyday, just need to be patient. Once you have used it for a while you can adapt it to your own style. You can uncheck the stop a reverse and trade one direction. I have found trading LH and shorting extremely profitable. I would recommend this to any one as you don’t need anything else. Forget about all the noise what everyone is trying to sell you as they only trying to look impressive. Markets go up and down and this software gets you in and out easily no stress.


algorithmic trading strategies

 Dave Grossman reviewed Trading123.Net 

5 Stars algorithmic trading systems

The three top standout benefits that Trading123 delivers for me is:

1. A tested, solid performing trading system that delivers real-time signals coupled with unique timing, candle-pattern and market proven trading plans that are unique yet powerful accelerators for success on the hard right edge.

2. Personal and video support from the author/trader that is immediate, responsive and no-BS based on real-time trading experience and insights. You will learn deep-dive technique and trade management if you ask for it or want more.

3. The Auto Trader is designed to optimize staying-in-the-trade beyond what is emotionally or humanely possible for the typical trader (me in this case) and having an Auto Trader that actually automates the trade and money management including targets, stops, break-even and trailing in sync with the fully developed and shared trading plans really delivers beyond anything in the last 10 years I have experienced in this business.

If you watch the videos Trading123 has posted and focus on the Twitter which is updated real-time every single day for multiple markets (I trade only the CL) you can see for yourself this truly is a game-changer. I am totally 5-stars on this system (which I have traded for several years at this point).


5 Starsalgorithmic trading systems
Trading123 is no fly-by-night company…….they have been around a good number of years with an excellent track record. The software and the support is really outstanding. You will not get short-changed or regret buying and staying abreast of trading trends, software updates, and trade tidbits that will enhance your daily trading efforts.
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