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Trading123 Software Reviews

5 Stars

Hi Patrick:

Just wanted to give you an update. I ordered the Autotrader on June 19 and started trading with it on June 23

I am blown away.  I have tried many similar products with less than stellar results and was of course a little skeptical when I purchased from you. However, the results have been incredible. Visit my twitter page here:

Henry from Canada reviewed Trading123.Net algorithmic trading systems 5 Stars

I have been with Trading123 since 2005 its 2019 and I learned a lot and still use what I learned to trade each day. At the time I was searching the internet for someone who could teach and mentor me in how to make money in Daytrading. I found all kinds people who tried to sell me very expensive software, but wasn’t impressed at all, until I found Trading123. Next day Patrick AKA the Head Trader called me up and I asked him all kinds of questions. I liked what I heard and felt that he could teach me Daytrading.

Patrick also held live seminars 2x a year for his traders that were in his chat room. He held them near his home at a local conference center. I was lucky enough I only lived an hour away, I attended two of them. It was nice meeting other traders that came from as far as California, Las Vegas, Texas, New York, Florida that he has helped.  I purchased Patrick’s Auto Trader when he first came out with it in 2014, and learned about Renko Bars and was impressed, and from then on I traded only Futures like NQ, YM, and CL and never looked back. It took a while to get used to the Auto Trader, but it was well worth it. Patrick taught me one very important rule in Daytrading.  Before one can make $200 a day, they must learn to make $100 a day first. Whenever I had a question or an issue Patrick and Trading123 was there to help me right away either by phone or remote GO TO Meeting screen conference where we would share are charts. He just didn’t sell you software and say good fricking luck, he backed it up with 100% support. I couldn’t ask for a better overall experience with Trading123. Another thing I like about him is that he keeps upgrading the AutoTrader on a regular b