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Two Indicators Market Delta & Trailing Stop

The Trading123 Market Delta and Trailing stops indicator.  We get a high sell print of 526 and trend change, trail stop confirms the move.  Trail stop keeps you in the trade as the price goes lower. Heavy selling with the Market Delta sell prints and lower it goes.

Volume Delta Indicator

Crude Oil Reversal

Two Indicators Market Delta & Trailing Stop

Big buy print on the Market Delta of over 300. We enter 3 contracts at 53.32 first target of 14 ticks hit on the first contract.  The last two contracts hit our target of 21 ticks. For 35 tick profits of $350.

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Trading123 Volume Delta & Market Cycle

The chart above is the ES with the Volume Delta and Markey Cycle indicators. A powerful combination as the Volume Delta reads the High Volume prints. The Market Cycle prints a LL (Lower Low) which is a signal for a reversal. We get two high-volume prints of 794 and 573 at a low and this is a signal that major trading institutions come in a buy the lows on the big volume. Trend reversal on high volume and price moves up. You would exit the trade on High Sell prints at the high and take your gains. With the sale price of the two indicators, we will include the Trading123 Renko Bars for Free!  Two indicators confirm and give the trader confidence in the trade.

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Trading123 Trendline & Trail Stop

Here we have the Trendline and TrailStop indicators in the above chart, they confirm one another. Trend line goes red, trail stop plots above the renkos bars on trend change and sell-off for over 30 to 40 ticks.   In the future, if you would like to upgrade to the AutoTrader you can apply what you paid for the Trading123 two indicators towards the full price of the Autotrader. Our top indicators are:

  1. Trading123 Delta Pro
  2. Trading123 Trailing Stops
  3. Trading123 TrendLine
  4. Opening Range Breakout
  5. Trading123 SR Zones
  6. Trading123 Fibonacci Levels
  7. Trading123 Renko Bars Included Free with Purchase
Volume Delta Indicator
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Power of Two Indicators = Confirmation

The chart above were trading the ES and you see the Trading123 SR Zones and the Volume Delta Indicator. A powerful combination that confirms the trade for you. We get a high buy print of 1407 on the Volume Delta, and the SR Zones was showing support.  Strong move up to the highs as more buying came in and were trading three contracts. We are going for a 1k gain and targets are hit on way up and goal hit.  

Using these two indicators you get a clear picture of the direction of the market. Volume Delta shows big buyers at support and up we go to new highs. Indicators come with a free lifetime of upgrades and trading manuals and trading videos on how to use these indicators. 

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Two Indicator Sale
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Order any two indicators for NinjaTrader 8 at a discount price of $595 and the Renko bars are Free and included. Place your order and you will get a confirmation email. Orders take 2-4 hours to process and will send you a link to download indicators, training manuals, and videos for the indicators. You can input the indicators you want on the order form.

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The Trading123 indicators are applicable to all global markets and various time frames including minute, daily, tick, volume and Renko. You must use the most updated version of NinjaTrader 8 for our software to work.  Our software only works with the Ninjatrader trading platform and no others. 

Above all, we provide superior support for our software by phone or email, and all emails are answered within 1-3 hours during normal business hours. Lifetime 24/7 support by email, phone, or Teamviewer. And free upgrades for a lifetime to the indicator. All sales are final, there are no refunds on the volume delta indicator. The item you are purchasing is a digital download. By downloading the software you have taken ownership of the item, there are no refunds or exchanges