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What is Volume Delta?

Volume Delta also called order flow or Volume Analysis it measures what happens behind the scenes in the price action or bar type. It is the difference between buying and selling power. Volume Delta is calculated by measuring the difference between the volume that traded at the offer price and the bid price. If the volume delta is greater than zero you have more buying than selling pressure. If delta is less than zero, you have more selling than buying pressure. So the indicator monitors the bid volume and ask volume.

Volume delta is the key to understand when making trade decisions based on volume and order flow. Volume delta is one of the best trading indicators you can use when trading order flow. It gives you a clear view of the buying and selling pressure in the market no matter what future your trading. The indicator gives the trader the critical edge by allowing you to see the order flow of buyers vs. sellers by monitoring the bid volume and ask volume. This allows you to spot potential reversals in the price action. These reversals typically happen at a High or Low. You will see how to use the indicator to manage your trading positions.  

Volume Delta Indicator

Volume Delta ES

Big sell-side volume comes into the ES we get some high sell prints. The Indicator reads the order flow of the bid volume and ask volume in real-time as the price action moves.  Short two contracts on the high sell prints, price moves lower our first profit target is hit at 8 ticks. We let our runner go with the sell-off and get 38 tick gain.    

The delta volume moves with the price action and the market moved higher for a nice trade,  follow the delta volume it moves the price. These patterns repeat day after day for the uptrend or downtrend. The Trading123 Renko bars included for Free.

Volume Delta

Trading with the ES on 12/21/2020 we get a high delta volume print over 400 after a low just after a downtrend on the ES. Big delta volume print of 485 and the trend reverses.

We get long 3 contracts price moves up as the volume continues to be strong as buyers are in control. The Indicator reads the institutional order flow and big volume prints by monitoring the big volume and ask volume. Higher we go on buying shown buy the green boxes on the bottom of the chart. 

Price moves up to our 3 Sell Limit Order and we get an $800 gain on the trade. One of the best trading indicators for trading order today.

Live Video of ES Trade

This is a live video I made of indicator live in th market as the trade happens. Watch this video to see the action live. We watch the order flow and we get a high delta volume print and enter a long position. 

Long three contracts price moves up as the volume continues to be strong as buyers are in control.  Volume delta indicator reads the institutional order flow and big delta volume prints and higher we go on heavy buying shown buy the green boxes on the bottom of the chart.

Price moves upon the strong volume and you trail your stop and adjust the profit targets based on the volume prints. 

volume delta indicator

Volume Delta ES

The volume delta indicator in this chart from 11/25/2020 reads a high volume print at a low just after a downtrend. Big volume print of 1482 and the trend reverses.

Long 3 contracts price moves up as the volume continues to be strong as buyers are in control.  Volume indicator reads the bid volume and ask volume and identifies the big volume prints and higher we go on heavy buying shown buy the green boxes on the bottom of the chart.

Price moves upon the strong order flow of the delta volume and you trail your stop and adjust the profit targets based on the volume flow. 

Volume Delta Indicator
Volume Delta - Futures Trading

Here were trading the ES on 12/18/20 this is our 2nd trade of the day. Were going long on the high delta volume prints trading 3 contracts. High dleta volume print comes in of 707 we go long, price moves higher and first two targets hit. 

Third contract is the runner, the price moves higher for extra gains, and we exit on the red sell print over 300 and take our gains. The most accurate indicator out there for reading the bid volume and ask volume works great on ES. We provide manuals and videos that explain how to trade these setups just like us and the settings we use.

Volume Delta Indicator
Volume Delta ES

Chart on the left is the ES and the volume delta indicator. The indicator looks for High Sell and Buy prints by monitoring the bid volume and ask volume.  High delta volume comes in at 1233 we enter long 3 contracts, 1st target hit, 2nd 3rd targets hit for a $350 gain on 12/18/2020. 

More buyers come into the market after some high sell prints. A big print of 1233 means buyers in control and higher we go for a nice gain. These patterns repeat each day, so trade the high sell or buy prints as it monitors the buy volume and sell volume for you, no need to watch time and sales.

Volume Delta

Trading123 Volume Delta Indicator for NnjaTrader 8  Normal Price $595  

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With the Volume Delta Indicator…

  • Identify high volume areas that pinpoint the best trade locations
  • Measures the Buyers vs Sellers on Bid Volume and Ask Volume
  • One of the best indicators to trade with
  • Visualize the volume to easily determine where the major moves are
  • Easily see the reversals and trend turning points by watching the volume prints
  • Volume Profile Bar enables you to visualize the volume profiles quickly. 
  • Automatically loads the data from your data provider allowing you to start trading
  •  We provide full documentation by videos and manuals on how to use it and support. 
  • Trading123 Renko Bars included, can use any bar type with indicator.

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The Trading123 indicators are applicable to all global markets and various time frames including minute, daily, tick, volume and renko. You must use the most update version of NinjaTrader 8 for our software to work.  Our software only works with the Ninjatrader trading platform and no others. 

Above all, we provide superior support for our software by phone or email, and all emails are answered within 1-3 hours during normal business hours. Lifetime 24/7 support by email, phone or teamviewer. And free upgrades for lifetime to the indicator. All sales are final, there are no refunds on the volume delta indicator. The item you are purchasing is a digital download. By downloading the software you have taken ownership of the item, there are no refunds or exchanges

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Five Good Reasons this will Become your Favorite Indicator
  1. Clear Entry Points: When using the “Volume Delta Indicator” there’s no second-guessing. The entry points are based on non-lagging market-generated order flow volume. Entries are easy to identify and execute.
  2. Clear Exit Points: When using the indicator you’ll know when to exit by looking for the high volume prints which is essential for precision position sizing and money management.
  3. Easy to Learn – Easy to Understand – Easy to Trade: Watch our training videos on using the software you can learn the Market Delta Indicator in less than 60 minutes. This makes it the perfect trading strategy for beginners!
  4. Eliminates Fear & Uncertainty: The delta profile indicator monitors the bid volume and ask volume and identifies the major moves of the day. This eliminates hesitation and guesswork.  Which is one of the biggest problems traders face, instead of facts and probability.
  5. Great Part-Time Income in Sixty Minutes a Day: Trading is the only thing I know of that you can do for about 60 minutes a day… and have the opportunity to earn several hundred dollars a day. The indicator is a GREAT first step to move toward this goal.

These are testimonials from our customers that use the indicator in their trading, read their stories.

Mike Futures Trader

The indicator is one of the best indicators I have owned. And I spent over 4k on indicators over the years and this one is the best. You wait for the high-volume sell or buy prints to enter the trade and its highly accurate. I use to have 5 to 7 indicators on a chart no need for that anymore. Mike

Robert ES Futures Trader

The indicator is a very very valuable tool to have in anyone's futures trading. The accuracy is amazing. The indicator is easy to read quickly and it is simple. I think I like that the best, I have had different indicators and strategies in the past years that required several charts and monitors and many things to look at all at the same time, not the Delta. The delta profile indicator is a straight forward, no second-guessing, trading indicator based on solid trading principles, simple as that.

Doug ES Futures Trader

I have traded the ES for four years, and have never come across an indicator as accurate as the Trading123 Delta. It reads the volume order flow and it's very very accurate. You get in the trade and it moves in your favor usually right away, and you manage how much you want to make and very simple to learn.

Carl Futures Trader 5 Years

I have been trading the ES now for five years, came across this indicator that shows the high volume prints for reversals. I simply wait for a print over 500 to go long ES and it's very accurate. And the same for the shorts. I know avoid the chop and false breakouts, a great indicator wish I found it many years ago. Support is top-notch, anytime I email Trading123 they are there to answer my questions within an hour or two, they have great knowledge of the market and this indicator has improved my trading.

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Andy Futures Trader

I have tried just about every indicator over the past six years and this is the best I found. The Volume Delta reads the volume that moves the price action. I look for high volume prints after a sell off at the lows. They are powerful reversals that move the price action. So you see a volume print of 1000 it's going to reverse. So no more hesitating in getting in the trade. Makes trading less stressful and more relaxing.


Volume Delta Indicator
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High volume prints move the markets

Indicator features
Real Time Stats

Follow the volume prints in real time, easy to read when the buyers are in control, and sellers. Identify the most consistent trade setups. Works in real time not a lagging indicator. Monitors the bid volume and ask volume.

NinjaTrader 8 Only

The software is only available for the NinjaTrader 8 Trading Platform due to the advanced features. Easy to learn with clear entry points, no more second-guessing. Manual and Video explain how to trade with it.

Follow the Volume

High volume prints in real time move the market. Watch the volume prints at the highs and lows. See the volume in each bar, as it monitors the bid volume and ask volume, see when buyers are in control and sellers.

Trade Any Futures or Stock

This software works for online trading of any stock or futures contract. Non-Lagging Market Generated data. Clear exit points for precise trade management. Eliminates fear and uncertainty.

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