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We harnessed the power of AI technology and integrated it into the NinjaTrader software for day trading. Our AI-driven indicator revolutionizes how we perceive support and resistance levels in the futures market. By leveraging advanced algorithms, it identifies crucial support and resistance zones and visually represents them on the trading chart.

This indicator goes beyond traditional methods by analyzing a multitude of factors over several days, including volume dynamics, price highs and lows, and closing trends. It then encapsulates this analysis into a concise rectangle on the chart, highlighting the most significant areas for traders to focus on.

These levels are not just ordinary support and resistance zones; they are meticulously crafted by AI technology to provide superior insights into market behavior. With this innovative tool at our disposal, we gain a competitive edge in navigating the complexities of futures trading each day. In the ever-evolving landscape of trading, timing is everything. Harnessing the prowess of technology can make all the difference between success and missed opportunities. We simplify the chart by eliminating the need for three to five indicators. Simple and easy-to-understand indicator to get started trading right away. 

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The Software in Action: A Visual Insight

The chart vividly displays our software in action, showcasing the prowess of our AI technology. A notable feature is a loss of support, signaling a short-term trade opportunity. This dynamic representation not only enhances our understanding of market movements but also empowers us to make timely and informed trading decisions. With AI at the helm, we’re equipped to capitalize on these opportunities with confidence and precision, maximizing our potential for profitable trades in the fast-paced world of futures trading. 

AI Range Boxes

AI Range Box Features

Advanced AI-powered indicators may leverage machine learning algorithms to improve their performance over time. This indicator can learn from past trading data and adjust the algorithm accordingly, continually improving its ability to identify support and resistance levels accurately and updating the levels each hour. This indicator can only be used on minute charts to analyze the data correctly.  Traders can use these indicators to identify high-probability trade setups with favorable risk-to-reward ratios, improving overall trading performance.

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AI-powered indicators automate the process of identifying support and resistance levels, saving traders time and effort. Instead of manually scanning charts for relevant levels, traders can rely on AI to do the analysis for them, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their trading.

By accurately identifying support and resistance levels, AI-powered box indicators help traders manage risk more effectively. Traders can use these levels to set trades precisely. This indicator helps traders identify the direction of the current trend by analyzing the data.

AI Range Boxes Benefits:

  1. Improved Accuracy accurately identify support and resistance
  2. Adapts to changing market conditions in real time
  3. Advanced visualization provides clear levels on the chart  
  4. Analyze market trends and data quickly
  5. Improve your trading 

AI Range Boxes 1 PC

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you will receive and PDF manual that explains on how to install the software and a video on on installing it and using it.

Only on the Ninjatrader 8 platform