NinjaTrader 8 Renko Bars

Precise and Accurate

Renko Bars NinjaTrader

Eliminate chop, noise, entry signals are clear,  Renko bars with wicks display for highs and lows. Custom Renko bars for precise trends and see the reversals as they happen. The Trading123 Renko Bar trading manual will show you how we trade them and how to improve your trading.  Renko charts for Ninjatrader 8 will show examples of what we do what we look for and how to trade them.   Trading123 Renko bars smooth out the price action and traders will see a clean easy to read Renko charts NinjaTrader 8.

Renko Bars & Indicators

Renko bars smooth out the trend, and with the Trading123 Trendline Indicator, you will see the trend changes happen before your eyes.  These are custom Renko bars with wicks. That identifies trend changes and provides cleaner Renko charts and smoother trends. 

Renko Results: The Renko charts remove the choppiness and filter the noises and make for some nice trading when you can see the clear trend on the Renko charts. 


Trendline Indicator

Renko Bar Charts

Renko Bar Indicators

You can use the NinjaTrader 8 Renko charts as shown on the chart with the Trading123 Trailing Stops or with any custom indicator or custom Renko bars. You get a video on how to use the Renko charts, and Renko strategy pdf that also explains how to use Renko charts, and Ninjatrader 8. 

Chart example shows how smooth the trend is with the custom Renko bars.  You can use the custom Renko bars with any ninjatrader indicators. 



Trailing Stops

Renko Bars & Big Trends

Bigger the Renko bar the longer the trend. Here is a chart of Crude Oil, trend reversal with the red Renko bars and lower we go. Green Renko bar signals a trend change, and higher we go. Time to cover the short and go long and ride the trend.  

Trading123 Renko bars give a clear precise trend the moves with the price action. No lagging indicator here. Color-coded Renko bars will help you identify the trend and the direction the market is going and you trade with it.  No more second-guessing the trend with the Renko bars.

NinjaTrader 8 Renko Bars
Custom Renko Bars
Renko Bars
Renko Bars NinjaTrader
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The Trading123 indicators are applicable to all global markets and various time frames including minute, daily, tick, volume and Renko. You must use the most updated version of NinjaTrader 8 for our software to work.  Our software only works with the Ninjatrader trading platform and no others. 

Above all, we provide superior support for our software by phone or email, and all emails are answered within 1-3 hours during normal business hours. Lifetime 24/7 support by email, phone, or Teamviewer. And free upgrades for a lifetime to the indicator. All sales are final, there are no refunds on the renko bars. The item you are purchasing is a digital download. By downloading the software you have taken ownership of the item, there are no refunds or exchanges

Renko Bars

Renko Charts

Custom Renko bars have long tail wicks. They will help to improve your trading, see the trend changes happen right in front of you. Powerful Renko bars for trading any futures or stocks, any markets worldwide.  

Renko Bars Designed for Ninjatrader 8 they will give you an edge in your trading. Renko bars provide a clear picture for your online trading as to what direction the trend is going. Red Renko bars indicate a downtrend, and green Renko bars suggest an uptrend.  Our Renko bars with wicks provide a clear insight as to the direction of the trend and changes.



NinjaTrader 8 Renko Bars

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We have over 17 years of providing indicators and educational material to traders around the world.  We design software for traders to improve there trading. We like advanced indicators as this is 2021. Old lagging indicators just dont work, simple as that. Our programmers are some of the best in the industry with over 25 years of experience, using the latest coding technology with the NinjaTrader platform from trading indicators to strategies.

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