Trading Automation Software

What is a Trading Bot ?


A trading bot is a computer program that performs specific tasks automatically for buying and selling financial futures. They often automate repetitive tasks that a human normally performs and follow pre-determined rules and algorithms to execute and manage trades. A futures trading bot forges through market data, identifies potential trading opportunities, and executes buy or sell orders in the futures market based on predefined algorithms. It aims to exploit price movements and market trends in futures contracts.

Traders use these bots to capitalize on market opportunities, respond to price changes, and manage their trades more efficiently. It’s like having a tireless and emotionless assistant who can analyze market data and execute trades at a speed and precision that human traders might find challenging. It executes trading strategies on behalf of a trader who decides when to run it. A trading bot is not something you run to trade 24/7. This can be helpful for traders who hesitate to enter, overthink, or are unsure of a trade entry.

These bots often incorporate technical analysis, historical data, and various trading strategies to make precise decisions on trend changes. The goal is to automate trading processes, remove emotional biases, and react quickly to market changes, optimizing the chances of successful trades in the dynamic futures market.


Trading Automation

Automated Trading Strategies for trading the markets. Take the frustration out of chasing and missing entries and automate it with our Trading Bot. The Algo Bot is a fully automated trading system that makes all the decisions for the trader, including precise entries, exits, and stops. This helps to remove human emotion and to second-guess the trading process. Trade automation software can provide a wide range of benefits, including increased efficiency, reduced errors, improved compliance, competitive advantage, improved risk management, better-informed decisions, and reduced costs.   

Moreover, the system is designed to be user-friendly and accessible, even to traders with limited experience. The user interface is intuitive and straightforward, and the AlgoBot algorithms are designed to make complex calculations and predictions in real-time, allowing traders to take advantage of market opportunities as they arise.

AutoTrader NinjaTrader

AutoTrader NinjaTrader NQ 617

The Trading123 fully automated futures trading system is a 100% algorithmic trading strategy that trades any market worldwide. The strategy uses a trading algorithm that identifies the trend. The automated trading software places the trades either long or short on trend reversals and is a fully automated trading system that is more accurate than any human trader. In the chart above, we are trading the NQ and had and hit our six hundred dollar goal. Autotrader makes all the decisions, long and short. And it took just one trade to hit our goal on two contracts. See our daily charts on our Twitter Page.  

Order Flow Bot

AutoTrader NinjaTrader 8

A professionally programmed algorithmic trading strategy that automatically executes trades. You decide when to trade with it, this is not a set it and forget it system.


Trading Automation

AutoMated Trading Bot NQ

In the trade described above, AlgoBot uses its algorithms to trade ES and closely monitor the market’s trend. The trade automation then takes over; utilizing advanced technical analysis and market data, the Autotrader can identify profitable trading opportunities and make real-time decisions on entries and trend changes with full automation. This allows for quick and efficient execution while minimizing the potential for human error. The integration of automation boosts prospects to new heights. Search no more for a trading edge; Autotrader has you covered. 

The automated trading system makes all trade decisions, manages our profit targets, and implements a trailing stop. It took nine trades to reach our goal, which demonstrates the power of automation in trading. There are no restrictions on the number of contracts that can be traded with this software. Our 34-page manual gives you step-by-step instructions on how to set up the software, which Renko bar settings to use, and how to use price targets and stops. Our videos explain further using the software. We educate you on how the market works and how to use our software. 


Trading AutoMation Software

Why choose trading automation?

The advent of autotrader technology represents a formidable force, wielding a potent combination of algorithmic prowess and market trend analysis. With its unerring accuracy, the autotrader ensures that trades are executed with pinpoint precision and speed, leaving human error a distant memory. Whether you’re an experienced trader navigating the treacherous waters of the market or a newcomer seeking to make a mark, the Algo Bot is the indispensable tool that gives you a cutting-edge advantage in the frenzied trading arena. So why linger? Take the leap and seize the moment – choose the autotrader, and make the astute decision that propels you towards success. 



A professionally developed algorithmic trading strategy that automatically executes trades. Control risk, and manage trades more efficiently. Once a trade is executed, the algorithm automatically generates profit targets, stops losses, and trailing stops.  Automation eliminates those afraid to pull the trigger on a trade and over-trading. 

Hands Free Trading

Take your trading to the next level by automation, total hands-free trading. All trade entry and exit and trade management are fully automated. An algorithmic trading system that uses specific rules for entries and exits is programmed to execute the trades automatically. You decide when to trade with it.

Reduce Stress

Eliminate trading emotions using a systematic approach that does not require real-time decision-making. Remove human emotions that often interfere with traders, and take some of the emotions out with trade automation. Trades are automatically executed once the algorithmic trading systems meet the specific programming; this prevents traders from hesitating or second-guessing their decision.


Trading Automation Software

AlgoBot Trading Software-Trade the Futures

Trade the ES, CL, NQ, RTY, YM, GC or Micros with our AlgoBot. Precise entries and exits on trend changes.

AutoTrader NinjaTrader

Automated Trading Strategies

Here, the trading strategy is trading the NQ. Our automated trading strategy determines the trend and enters the trade for you with no second-guessing or hesitation. The Algo Bot is able to identify profitable trading opportunities and make real-time decisions on entries and changes in the trend with full automation. With breathtaking speed, the Autotrader makes split-second decisions, entering and exiting trades with the fluidity of a seasoned market veteran.  

Here, our AlgoBot swiftly enters on a trend change and precisely hitting its targets.  Autotrader makes all the decisions for you without hesitation or second-guessing, ensuring that every opportunity is captured. Experience the relief of no longer missing trades and the freedom from the frustration of chasing them with the aid of automation. 


Automated Trading Systems

Automated Trading Strategies

In the trade above, the Autotrader rides the waves of the trend. The automated trading system then goes to work, making all the trade decisions and managing our profit targets and trailing stop. The Algo bot got in the reversals on each trend change, showcasing the efficiency and effectiveness of automation in trading. The software is designed to handle any number of contracts, providing flexibility and scalability for traders of all experience levels and trading volumes. Furthermore, automated trading systems are less prone to emotional biases and human errors, often leading to costly mistakes. With Autotrader, traders can have confidence that trades are being executed based on pre-set rules and conditions to maximize results by implementing proper risk management techniques. 

AutoMated Trading

AutoTrader NQ

Another trade with the autotrader shows the power of automation. AlgoBot determines the trend and enters the trade for you without second-guessing or hesitation. AutoTrader determines the trend changes and makes the trade and target hit. The AlgoBot has a trailing stop and a breakeven stops using with the strategy. This is a typical trade that the autotrader makes, and are max gain amount hit. Autotrader makes all the decisions and never hesitates. See how automation can help you overcome the frustration of missing trades and chasing them. Our market timing manual goes into great detail on trading, the best times to trade, and when to trade and not trade so that you can have trades like these. This pattern repeats, so take the time to observe and reflect on the patterns and use that knowledge in your trading.

The Trading123 fully automated futures trading system is a 100% algorithmic trading strategy that trades any market worldwide. The process has been programmed as a futures trading algorithm that identifies the trend. The automated trading software places the trades either long or short on trend reversals and is a fully automated trading system that is more accurate than any human trader. In addition, the software uses unmanaged orders, which provide precision trade entries and management.

Also, we provide superior support; all emails get answered quickly, within one to two hours, and you can also chat with support using our chatbot for any questions you may have after your purchase.

Trading Automation Software

Trading Automation Software What's Included ?

The software includes a variety of technical indicators that are designed to help traders analyze price trends. These indicators include Trendline, Market Cycle, Trailing Stops, AutoTrend Line, Volume Delta Pro, Renko Bars, Color Moving Average, VWAP, Open Indicator, Squeeze, Opening Range Breakout, SR Zones, and Automatic Fibonacci Levels, none of which are used with the software. Our software is based on an algorithm and is not an indicator based strategy. In addition to these indicators, the software also includes detailed manuals and access to the online videos for the autotrader which gives step by step instructions and setting on how to use the Algo Bot and indicators. Our Market timing manual you will learn how we time the market to enter our trades. Precise times to trade and not trade are all outlined in the recently updated manual on market timing. This manual provides guidance on accurately determining the best times to enter and exit the market daily. We also include a new trading manual, Steps to Becoming a Successful Futures Trader. And a lifetime of free upgrades for all the software.

The software also includes a guide on program trading and how it affects the crude oil market, known as “Crude Oil Secrets.” This guide provides valuable insights into the inner workings of the crude oil market and how program trading influences it. 

Our trading software is compatible with all prop firm accounts, like ApexTrader Funding, Leeloo, and others. Will work with any trade copier, allowing traders to manage multiple accounts simultaneously using a trade copier. Whether you’re a professional trader or just starting out, our software provides a powerful and user-friendly solution for trading multiple accounts easily and efficiently. 

We will need the Machine ID to program the Ninjatrader license for your computer. So be sure to included it on the order form. Or you could always email it to us later.


Once you purchase the software, and complete the license agreement you can access the download area. In the download area, you will find the indicators, manuals, and videos for the software to be downloaded. Additionally, you will receive full setup instructions and a video on how to install the software to NinjaTrader.


Terms: All Sales are Final & Non-Refundable

Software products are susceptible to easy replication and duplication. Consequently, we have enforced a stringent no-refund policy for all our software products. By acquiring any of our software products, you acknowledge and consent to abide by our refund policy. Please thoroughly review the agreement before completing a purchase. All sales are considered final. Refund Policy

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Benefits of Using an Automated Trading Bot

  1. Speed and Efficiency: Automated trading bots are much faster and more efficient than human traders. They can execute trades in milliseconds, which can be crucial when dealing with fast-moving markets.

  2. Reduced Emotional Trading: Automated trading bots are not influenced by emotions like fear, greed, or hope. This eliminates emotional trading, which can lead to mistakes and losses.

  3. Increased Consistency: Automated trading bots follow the pre-defined trading rules consistently, eliminating the chances of making inconsistent trades.

  4. Real-time Monitoring: Automated trading bots can monitor the market in real-time and execute trades based on the latest market data, reducing the chances of missing out on potential opportunities.

  5. Reduced Error Rate: Automated trading bots reduce the risk of errors caused by human intervention, such as typos or misinterpreting market signals.


AutoTrader NinjaTrader 8 2

AutoTrader NinjaTrader 8

Free Lifetime Updates

We are always improving the software in every way. You will receive free upgrades for a lifetime.


Lifetime Support

Our support team is always here to help. Contact them through our Live Chat Bot or by email, or phone. All emails are answered within two hours during normal business hours.

Learning Material

Manuals and Videos on using and installing the Software are all available for instant download once purchased.


Instant Download

The strategies, indicators, manuals, and videos can be downloaded after your purchase and will be available for you to access in the future if needed.

You get two powerful bonuses

Lifetime Updates + Live Support

Trading123 offers an outstanding technical support team that is here to help you with any issues with your software. Call during regular business hours or email us, or use our online chatbot; we are here always to be able to solve your problems. All email submissions our answered within one to two hours. Lifetime support for all is software.


AutoTrader NinjaTrader 8 3
AutoTrader NinjaTrader 8 4

Strategy & Indicator Setup & Free Renko Bars

You will receive a manual and video on installing and using the autotrader and indicators. We show you how to install the software, set it up, and prepare you to trade. A step-by-step guide to installing the software and the Renko bars, which are free.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you will receive a PDF manual that explains on how to install the software and a video also. And the indicators come with manuals and videos explaining how to use them.


Only on the Ninjatrader 8 platform.


No Free Trials Software works just like you see it.


Terms: All Sales are Final & Non-Refundable

Software products are susceptible to easy replication and duplication. Consequently, we have enforced a stringent no-refund policy for all our software products. By acquiring any of our software products, you acknowledge and consent to abide by our refund policy. Please thoroughly review the agreement before completing a purchase. All sales are considered final. Refund Policy

Strategy Parameters

  • Version – Strategy Version and Date of Release
  • Trend Setup – Enable Longs/Shorts and Reversals
  • Time Filters/Exits – Time range for auto trading

Here you have the strategy settings. This is where you make all the settings to run the autotrader. The Ninja Build setting tells you what build the software was published in and the date it was published and the Version of the software. The versions are updated when we update the software. Then you have the Trend Setup you leave those at default. Unless you don’t want to trade longs or shorts, as you can use the buttons on the chart to turn on and off. Then you have the time settings. There are three-time settings you can use. The settings are all explained in the Trade Manual and the Video on using the autotrader and the settings.

AutoTrader NinjaTrader 8 5
Strategy Set

Entry and Exit Rules

  • Entry Quantity – Enter the number of contracts to trade
  • Profit Targets – Set you profit target goals
  • Stop Loss – Standard Ticks
  • Breakeven – Based on tick
  • Trail Stop – Standard Ticks

Here is where you enter the number of contracts to trade. Whether it’s 1 or 100, there’s no restriction on the quantity you can trade. In this example, we’re trading two contracts. Set your profit targets to determine how many ticks you aim for; enter zero if you want to leave the last contract as a runner. Next, you have your stop loss, breakeven, and trailing stop settings. Here, we are using a 22-tick stop. All of this is explained in more detail in the videos and trading manuals.

Money Management

  • Daily Max Gain – Max Gain Amount
  • Daily Max Loss – Max Loss Amount
  • Button Controls – Button Management

This is where you enter your Max Gain goal and Max Loss goal under the G6 settings. Set to your style of trading the gain and loss amount. In this example, we have a maximum gain of $500 and loss of $380. You can change them to suit your trading style. Once a profit goal or loss is hit, you can reset the strategy and trade more. There are no restrictions on the software. We suggest that you always trade with a stop loss. 

AutoTrader NinjaTrader 8 6

Automated Trading Strategies

AutoTrader UnManaged Orders

Our programmers have over twenty-five years of experience and are some of the best in the industry. Former NinjaTrader programmers are very experienced in coding the most advanced indicators and strategies.

The autotrader took a few months of planning and a year or so of coding and tweaking and was released over ten years ago. A critical part of coding recommended by NinjaTrader is using Unmanaged orders to handle the orders under market conditions. It offers ultimate flexibility in terms of order submission and management. So, you will have no bad fills, missed fills, or overfills. In addition, it manages the orders, so the strategy runs smoothly under any market conditions. With over 4000 lines of code, the image above is just a tiny portion of the code.