Opening Range Breakout strategy

Opening Range Breakout Strategy

The Opening Range Breakout Strategy is very popular with traders. You trade the breakout of the high or low of the range for gains and the strategy does it all for you.

Opening Range Breakout Strategy 1

This breakout pattern often repeats during the opening range trading session, designed to capture the moves or reversals during the first hour of the trading session. That is the most active time and is where the session breakouts happen. This trade setup is where you can make most of your money quickly during the first hour of trading. Fully automated hands-free trading strategies and a brand-new watermark indicator are included for free, allowing you to label any chart. This strategy is sold separately from the autotrader.

Getting Started-Determine Opening Range

Enter the range setting by entering the times. We supply all this information in the manuals and videos.

Choose Stops, and Profit Targets

Chose exit methods, stop loss, profit targets and profit and loss targets.

Reduce Stress with Automated Strategy

Eliminate emotions of trading using a algorithmic trading strategy. Remove human emotions & interference.

Enter Order Parameters

Hands free trading, all trades are fully automated. Enter how many contracts to trade, targets, stop loss and trailing stop info, and your start and end times.

Breakout Trading - First Hour

The first hour of trading is the most volatile time frame during the day and can be the most profitable. So let our opening range trading bot find the moves and trade them fully automated trading. A simple system to learn and trade the opening range breakouts in all the futures markets. Our trading strategies can trade the CL, NQ, ES, YM, or GC, among others. We give you the guidelines to trade opening range breakouts and how to set it up during the trading session, which are all covered in the manual and videos. We use the NinjaTrader trading platform for this strategy so you will need NinjaTrader. The strategy will not work on any other platforms.
Opening Range Breakout Strategy
Opening Range Breakout Strategy 2

Trade Opening Range Breakouts

Long Crude Oil – Breakout and Price Moves Up

The strategy identifies the opening range, and once the price broke the high, the strategy got long. Trading three contracts price moves up and hits our profit targets for an $806 gain on the trade. Often the price action breaks out quickly on these moves and its a one and done trade.

The software is available for NinjaTrader 8 only and comes with a lifetime of free upgrades, a trading manual, and videos on how to trade as we do. The charts on this page are trade examples of our strategies and price action that are all traded live.

Crude Oil Trading Strategy Breakout

In this trade were trading three contracts of the Crude Oil. We get a quick breakout of the Opening Range and our profit goal is hit quickly.

These patterns repeat daily, so look to have one or two trades daily and set any profit goal you wish.

Configure the strategy with your entries/exits, stop loss, trailing stop, breakeven, and multiple profit targets. You can trade one contract or 100 contracts with no restrictions on software.

Opening Range Breakout Strategy

Trade Opening Range Breakout

Opening Range Breakout Strategy 3

Opening Range Breakouts ES

This chart is an example of a Breakout trading three contracts of ES. The strategy gets short on a breakdown of the Opening Ranges, and price sells off quickly. Our $400 profit goal was hit on the sell off. There are filters in the strategy that have to meet specific criteria to trigger a trade. In the futures and stock markets, the opening range is one of the most significant chart patterns. Opening range levels are a magnet for price action and are usually followed by high volume. You can trade one contract or 100 contracts with no restrictions on software.

Crude Oil Breakout on Three Contracts

We set a profit goal of $600 for this strategy, trading the NQ. Goals can be set to whatever you wish, small or large. Strategy gets long on a breakout of the Opening Range high; price moves higher and Crude Oil heads to new highs, and our profit goal is hit. The opening range breakout patterns repeat daily, so look to have one or two trades a day and set any profit goal you wish.

Trading Strategies you can configure the strategy with your entries/exits, stop loss, trailing stop, breakeven, and multiple profit targets.

Opening Range Breakout Strategy
Opening Range Breakout Strategy 4

Opening Range Breakout ES

Here is an example of strategy trading both ways, short and long. Price breaks below the Opening Range, which triggered the strategy to go short. Price sold off hit our first profit target, and the last two contracts were taken out by trail stop. The ES then reversed off the lows, and the strategy got long for some additional gains. The strategy made two trades for a gain of $675. This strategy offers no restrictions; you can trade as many contracts as you want at any profit level.

These patterns repeat each day. You either have an opening range breakout high or an opening range breakout low. These moves are usually explosive and fast, involve one or two trades, and you are done for the day. Our trading strategies can be used in all markets worldwide.

Crude Oil Opening Range Breakout - Short

Trading three contracts of with this strategy and Crude Oil. Price breaks down below the opening range, and the strategy goes short, we get some selling to the downside. Profit targets are hit on the contracts for $746 gain. That’s why automated trading is so powerful over manual trading, and our targets are hit for a significant gain. The power of automation never hesitates or second-guesses the trade like traders do.

Opening Range Breakout Strategy
Opening Range Breakout Strategy

CL Strategy Goes Short

Here Crude Oil breaks below the opening range low and sells off on five contracts. Our pre-determined profit targets are hit on the sell off for a $806 gain. The Opening Range is a powerful day trading strategy, and the price quickly breaks out or sells off, and targets are hit.

The Fibonacci levels suggest the price’s next support or resistance level. These Fibonacci numbers predict where the price will move, and the lines are drawn automatically. The Fibonacci Levels are labeled right on the chart, identifying the support and resistance areas. These are fully customizable to your trading style. In addition, you can edit the line colors, style, and weight. We have various settings for the lines; some are solid, and some have dashes.

Crude Oil Opening Range Trading Strategy

In the chart above were trading three contracts of Crude Oil. The trader’s number of contracts they trade is up to the trader as they have to no what there capable of trading from their trading experience. If you traded for less than three years, you should be trading one to two contracts. Here Crude Oil breaks below the opening range low, and the opening range trading strategy goes short. Price moves down, and the move is bearish, as the candles are engulfing, meaning there is significant volume behind the move. Price sells off and we hit our max gain goal.

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Opening Range Breakout Strategy 5

Opening Range Breakout Strategy

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Opening Range Breakout Strategy 6
Opening Range Breakout Strategy 7

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