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The trend is your friend; that is why the trendline was designed to keep you on the right side of the trend it can also help traders identify potential entry and exit points. By using the trendline, traders can gain a better understanding of the underlying trend in the market and make more informed trading decisions. The Trendline is a futures trading system represented by color-coded dots on the lower portion of the chart, as shown. The dots are blue for an uptrend and red for a downtrend and never repaint.


NinjaTrader Indicators-Trendline

This indicator will help traders understand major reversal points. The yellow dot, as depicted, signals a potential short trade, while the light blue dot signifies a reversal of the lows. Furthermore, the green dot appearing on the zero line confirms a long trade entry as the price crosses the zero line. Additionally, blue arrows below the Renko bars confirm an upward trend change, and a red arrow confirms a downward trend. The color-coding system makes it easy to trade with the trend and understand the signals.


TrendLine Indicator

Trendline Indicator

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TrendLine Indicator Long for $495 Gain

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In this chart of the NQ, we can see that the trendline is blue. The green dot on the trendline and crossing the zero line confirm that we should go long. The blue arrow confirms that the higher we go, the more significant the gain will be. This was a real-time trade, as seen on the chart.

Enhance your trading capabilities using blue and red arrows for clear buy and sell signals. Trade in accordance with the price action, and be assured that the arrows will never repaint. Our trading indicators have been programmed using the latest version of NinjaTrader 8 and are ready for real-time futures trading.


TrendLine Indicator ES Short on Three Contracts

Trading123 Trendline indicator for trend reversals.

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TrendLine Indicator NQ Trend Reversal

The chart below illustrates the use of the Trendline indicator for trading the NQ. The market experienced a minor pullback, and the NQ signaled a reversal on the trendline. The light blue dot indicates that we have reached a bottom, while the green dot alerts you to a change in trend. This is a favorable area to go long based on the signals. This is considered one of the most effective NinjaTrader indicators for detecting trend reversals.


NinjaTrader Indicators Reversal

Our Trading123 Renko bars can also identify trend reversals. When the price moves higher off the long alert, the trend arrow plots above the Renko bar, indicating an area to cover and take profits. Stay long on the NQ until you see a few red dots on the trend line.


Trendline Indicator for NinjaTrader

Follow the Price Action

The Trendline is color-coded in red and blue dots on the lower portion of the chart as shown and never repaints. Blue trend dots for an uptrend and red for the downtrend. 

Now there are also other colored dots for major reversals. The yellow dot, as shown, is for going short, the light blue dot is for reversal, and the green dot on the zero line confirms it. Its one of the best ninjatrader indicators for reversals. 

TrendLine Reversal NQ

The blue dots on the trendline indicate an upward trend, while the red dots indicate a downward trend. Blue arrows confirm an uptrend, and red arrows confirm a downtrend. Additionally, new audio alerts will notify you of any changes in the trend.


NinjaTrader Indicators-Trendline

The green circle on a trend line indicates a significant trend reversal. Once plotted, the trendline dots do not change color or get repainted. Red and green lines indicate oversold and overbought areas, respectively. In day trading, it’s essential to have a system that includes indicators to help you read the market. This indicator can assist you in that task. The yellow dotted line above the trendline is the breakout area, and below the lower yellow line is the breakdown area. Remember, the trend is your friend; trade it with our advanced indicators


ES Short on Three Contracts for $962 Gain

We are trading with the Trendline indicator and the ES (E-Mini S&P 500). We receive a trend change signal to buy from the indicator when the trendline turns red and a red arrow appears above the Renko bars.

NinjaTrader Indicators Trendline

The ES (E-Mini S&P 500) indicates a short setup on the chart. We enter a short position by using an ATM strategy and the price decreases. Our first and second profit targets are reached. The third contract is left to run and the price continues to fall. We exit the trade as the trendline dots turn blue, resulting in a gain of $962

TrendLine Reversal ES for $1000 Gain on Three Contracts

NinjaTrader Indicators Trading ES

We offer complete documentation in PDF and instructional videos on how to utilize the software in your day trading. Additionally, we provide superior support 24/7 through email or phone. Our software is one of the best NinjaTrader indicators for identifying trend reversals as they occur on the chart. It is important to note that the indicator does not repaint. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out, and we will be happy to assist you. Regardless of your trading style, we have the ideal indicator for you.


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Upon purchase, you can download the software the Trendline indicator, Renko bars, and Color Moving Average. You will also have lifetime access to free updates and immediate downloads to use in your day trading. Additionally, our indicators are compatible with the latest version of NinjaTrader 8. Manuals and videos are also available for download

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Trendline Indicator

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The software and the manuals and or videos are all available to download instantly after purchase.

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