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Automatic Trend Line Spots the Trend

The Trading123 Automatic Trend Line Indicator operates by autonomously sketching upper and lower trend lines, relying on the most recent trends. The chart of the ES (E-Mini S&P 500) displayed here indicates a prevailing downtrend.


These indicators are compatible with all chart types and time frames supported by NinjaTrader. Whether you’re a novice or an advanced trader, this indicator proves valuable by aiding in the comprehension of market trends. It automatically draws two trend lines that dynamically follow the price action, making it versatile for various trading styles. Additionally, it comes equipped with Trading123 Renko Bars.


The AutoTrend Line Indicator’s dual trend lines enhance precision in pattern identification. By interpreting these trend lines, traders can gain insights into market dynamics and identify potential trend line breakouts or breakdowns.

Auto Trend Line
Auto Trend Line

Automatic Trend Line

Trading123 Automatic Trend Line Pro will automatically plot the upper and lower trend lines based on recent trends.  Trading123 Renko Bars are included, and software is available for instant download after purchase.

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Auto Trend Line

AutoTrend Line ES - Trend Line Cross

Here is a chart of the ES with the AutoTrend Line Indicator and you see precisely were the trend changes above the red line. Here you would of went long as price crosses the red trend line. This is a wedge breakout and you would stay long a ride the trend up until the blue arrow appears or price crosses below the green trend line. 

The Trading123 Auto Trend line does all the work for you. It works on all chart types and time frames supported by NinjaTrader eight. It knows precisely when the trend change will happen by drawing the solid line on the chart. We use an ATM strategy to get long with specific profit targets and stop loss and we ride this to the lows for nice gain. 

All trades are made manually in the images on this page for the autotrend line indicator.

Auto TrendLine

Auto TrendLine Indicator Spots the Trend Reversal

In this chart, we are actively trading three contracts of the NQ using the AutoTrend Line, which accurately identifies the points of trend changes. The Trading123 Auto Trend line streamlines the process for you.

This tool adeptly predicts when the trend will shift by graphically representing it with a solid line on the chart. To initiate a long trade, you simply follow the movement of the price as it crosses the red trend line. As demonstrated in the chart above and below, we executed a long trade precisely when the price crossed the line.

The AutoTrend Line seamlessly adjusts to the price action, eliminating the need for second-guessing, as it takes care of all the analytical work for you.

AutoTrend Line Indicator

Automatic TrendLine Reversal Crude Oil

Witness the precise reversals occurring in real-time directly on your charts. The chart in focus is crude oil, encountering resistance at the red line. When the price crosses the autotrend line, it signals the opportune moment to go long, as illustrated on the chart.

The trend line delineates the shift in trend on the chart, while the blue arrow serves as an alert for this transition. Consequently, once the price crosses the line, that becomes your entry point. We recommend employing an ATM Strategy to enter the trade, tailored to the number of contracts you feel comfortable trading. Subsequently, manage the trade in accordance with the price movements.

Setting up an ATM strategy is facilitated through the chart trader; refer to the NinjaTrader help file or YouTube videos for guidance on configuring an ATM. It’s important to note that an ATM strategy operates based on your discretion for entering trades and doesn’t execute trades solely on indicator signals. Therefore, conduct thorough research, recognizing that this is not an Automated Strategy but rather an indicator.

In our trading scenario, we are dealing with two contracts of crude oil, observing price movements on the reversal towards our targets. Our manuals and videos on this indicator comprehensively cover the process of setting up an ATM strategy.

Auto Trend Line

AutoTrendLine NQ 3

AutoTrend Line - NQ

Above is a chart of NQ with a long trade on a trendline break and a short trade as it went into resistance of the upper green trendline. We enter the trade with an ATM Strategy which is easy to setup in NinjaTrader. This just shows you how powerful and accurate the indicator is price sold off and hit our targets. 

Simple to learn and put to use in your trading set it up to use with an ATM strategy, and you could have trades just like this. The trend lines move with the price action and doesn’t lag like other indicators. We suggest traders trade in simulation with the two trend lines for a few weeks to learn and see how it moves with the price action. 

Auto Trend Line Indicator NinjaTrader

AutoTrend Line - Crude Oil

Crude Oil and the auto trend line in action; as it crosses below both trendlines we go short. Blue arrow confirms the entry above the renko bar, we get short three contracts with an ATM Strategy. Price sells off our stop loss follows the trade and we hit our first profit target for a nice quick gain with the auto trend line indicator. 

This is not a lagging indicator; it moves with the price action as the price moves. The AutoTrend line indicator does all the work for you. It knows precisely when the trend change will happen by drawing the solid line on the chart to signal a trend change. 

Auto Trend Line 1

Automatic Trend Line - Ride The Trend

As the chart shows, these patterns often repeat throughout the day. Here is the auto trendline indicator, another trendline cross in Crude Oil. As the price moves below the green uptrend line, it would be a short entry and ride the trend down until the price crosses the red trend line or you hit your profit goal. The trend lines help you read the market and the trend line breakout.

Simple to learn in trading, and quickly put it to work in your electronic trading. With this indicator, you can put the work right away the first day you get it, and it works all day. This indicator moves in real-time and is not a laggard like other indicators. The trend lines move with the price action and market.

AutoTrend Line - Short
Auto Trend Line

In this chart were trading the Crude Oil with an ATM Strategy. See the NinjaTrader help guide on setting up a  ATM Strategy thru chart trader. This trade is called a trend line cross. It’s a powerful move and happens quickly as the price will often sell-off. The price falls below the green uptrend line, and we go short three contracts. We hit our first profit target at fourteen ticks. The market continued lower and sells off to lows. Our stop loss is moving down with the price protecting our gains. These patterns happen every day, so learn them and trade them. 

This is a great indicator for novice traders or advanced as it will help you understand the trend. Draws two trend lines automatically, and they move with the price action.  The trend lines will help you in your trading and have more  trend line breakout.

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