Futures Trading System

Futures Trading System

Futures Trading Software

Trading123 Algorithmic Futures Trading System is a combination of the Trading123 indicators that were put together to give traders the most sophisticated trading system available. This system will give the trader a clear picture of the overall trend of the market. Get the advantage over others with pinpoint accuracy.

Trading with the Algo Trading system three contracts of the NQ. We go long based on signals on the chart price moves up as the trend is up. The price moves right into our profit target for a nice gain. This is a manual trading system where you have to decide when to enter the trades.

The Futures Trading System can be used for any chart type from minute, tick, range, volume, or Renko. There are No Free Trials on any of our Ninjatrader indicators or Trade Systems.

Futures Trading System

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Trade The Futures

With this combination of indicators we make it easier for you to trade the futures. Our trend marker identifies the trade for you.

Futures Trading

Manually trade the trend changes based on our trend signals. Our Trailing stops will keep you in the trend longer.

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Instant Download From the Cloud after purchase. Manuals and indicators.

Futures Trading System

Algorithmic Trading Software - ES

 We have our Trendline indicator and Renko bars that identify the trend. Then you have our updated Trailing Stop  which is an ATR stop which is the one that is plotted under or over the Renko bars on the chart. Our Squeeze indicator measures momentum; when the bars plot above the trend line and are green, the trend is up. Below the zero line and bars are yellow and red, the trend is down. The Squeeze indicator will keep you in the trend longer. The Price Action indicator plots the wave line, then you have the trend markers that are plotted in the Renko bars. A yellow Renko bar for the start of a new downtrend and a blue Renko bar to plot the start of a new uptrend. so you can clearly see the trend changes and confirm them. Trading with Renko bars provides traders with a clear, precise way of identifying trends and reversal areas. The system also includes a color moving average and audio alerts that notify you when the trend changes.

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Trade the Futures -Algo Trader

Trade the ES, CL, NQ, YM, GC or Micros with our Futures Trading Software

Futures Trading System ES

Futuers Trading System - ES

In this chart, we are trading one ES contract. The price had sold off and we were waiting for a signal to go long. Trend line turns blue, the squeeze indicator goes green, the chart trend color turns green and blue marker in the Renko bars is a signal to get long. So we enter with an ATM Strategy, and the price moves up. We looking for eight tick gain on first contract second contract get fourteen tick gain and last one twenty two tick gain. So the trade resulted in forty four tick gain for five hundred and fifty dollar gain on the trade.


With the NinjaTrader platform, we use an ATM strategy to select the contract size, stops, and targets for our entry. This is very easy to set up, all traders should use an ATM Strategy in their trading, and the manual has a video on how to set it up.

Futures Trading System

Futures Trading Software - ES

Futures Day Trading System for NinjaTrader 8 identifies trends accurately and gets you into the market long or short by using proven indicators and proprietary identifiers. Audio alerts will alert you to trend changes. With this system, you can trade any market condition with precision and accuracy. End-of-day reversal for a quick gain.

Trade any futures from the Emini, Dow, Russell, Gold, Crude oil, or microfutures with our trading system.

The color-coded background and trend markers identify the trend changes and are highly accurate. Included with the software are trading manuals that explain how to use it and a video that also explains how to trade with the software. And the sound files for the audio alert you to trend reversals.

Futures Trading System ES

Futures Trading Software

In the trade above, a blue trend market plots within the renko bars notifying of a trend change. We get long three contracts and hit our target levels on the way up for a five hundred and sixty-two dollar gain. The following indicators come with the Futures Trading System: Trading123 Trendline, TrailingStopsV2, Renko bars, our new Squeeze & Price Action with Markers Indicator, and Color Coded moving average. Also, you will get a detailed manual and videos to watch on how to learn to trade the system, just like we do. Trading futures on NinjaTrader with the best indicators. 

Algo Futures Trader
Futures Trading Software - Micro Emini

In the chart below, we are trading the Micros Emini MES contract just after the New York Open. And 90% of trading is figuring out the trend and which way the market is forecast to go. The trend marker turns blue within the Renko bar, the chart background turns green, and the trend and squeeze indicators are above zero. And the trailing stop is below the Renko bars. These are all confirmations of a trend change. Price reversed on this setup and ran to the highs.

Algo Futures Trading System

Futures Trading Software - ES

Here is an example setup with the ES short. Trend markers indicate trend changes, and other indicators confirm them. Short three contracts when the price sells off. We stay short using the trailing stop and exit when we reach our profit goal. Our squeeze indicator remained below the zero line, giving you the confidence to stay short.

Futures Trading Bot

ES Short Entry

With our Algo Futures Trading System, you will get precise trade setups that move in the direction quicky after they trigger for quick, explosive moves. These trade setups are easily identifiable on the chart and should allow you to execute a trade without hesitation. The color coded renko bar alerts you of a trend change, in the chart about we get a blue renko bar which signals a trend change. We go long three contracts using an ATM it hits it profit targets for a $325 gain on twenty six ticks. An excellent entry will give the trader an edge, and then you can focus on the other aspects of trading: trade management and position sizing. This is done with our Algorithmic Futures Trading System.

The Algorithmic Futures Software, we will show you when to precisely enter and exit a trade when you are utilizing our software. We use our new squeeze indicator to exit and take profits without second-guessing. Using the trailing stop loss, we also tell you when to exit a trade. And the trend markers show when the trend is changing. So that is four confirmations to use in your trading. See in the trade above how we were able to get a nice gain based on the software signals. 

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Futures Trading System NinjaTrader 8 1

Futures Trading System NinjaTrader 8

You get two powerful bonuses

Indicator Setup & Free Renko Bars

You will receive a manual and video on installing and using the autotrader and indicators. We show you how to install the software, set it up, and prepare you to trade. A step-by-step guide to installing the software and the Renko bars, which are free.
Squeeze Indicator
Futures Trading System NinjaTrader 8 2

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Trading123 superior technical support team is here to help you with any issues with your software. Call during regular business hours or email us, or use our online chatbot; we are here always to be able to solve your problems. During normal business hours, email is answered within one to two hours. In addition, we offer lifetime support for all our software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you will receive a PDF manual that explains how to install the software and a video on how to install it.

No, you have to manually enter the trades based on the signals. 

Only on the Ninjatrader 8 platform

No there are no free trials

We say one to two weeks to learn how to trade the signals. We tell all traders to invest at least two weeks in sim trading to learn how to use it.