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Algo Futures Trading System

Futures System

Trading123 Futures Trading System is a combination of the Trading123 indicators that were put together to give traders the most sophisticated trading system available. This system will give the trade a clear picture of the overall trend of the market. Get the advantage over others with pinpoint accuracy. We have our Trendline indicator and Renko bars that identifies the trend.  Then you have our new Trailing Stop V2 which is an ATR stop which is the one that is plotted under the Renko bars on the chart. Our new Squeeze indicator measures momentum, when the bars plot above the trend line and are green the trend is up. Below the zero line and bars are yellow and red the trend is down.  New Squeeze indicator will keep you in the trend longer. The Price Action indicator plots the yellow wave line, then you have the trend markers that are plotted in the Renko bars. A yellow Renko bar for a start of new down trend, and blue renko bar to plot the start of a new uptrend. so you can clearly see the trend changes and gives you the confirmation. Our precision Renko bars provide the trader a clear precise trend identification and reversal areas. And also included is the color moving average.  The Futures Trading System is able to be used for any chart type from, minute, tick, range, volume, or Renko.  There are No Free Trials on any of our Ninjatrader indicators or Trade Systems.

Futures Trading NinjaTrader
Futures Trading NinjaTrader
Futures Trading NinjaTrader

Futures Trading System

Futures Day Trading System for NinjaTrader 8 has proven indicators and proprietary identifiers that will show you exactly when the trend changes, and get into the market long or short.  With this system you can trade any market condition with precision accuracy. 

Trade any futures from the Emini, Dow, Russell, Gold, Crude oil, or the micro futures with our trading system.

The color-coded background and trend markers identifie the trend changes and is highly accurate. Included with the software are trading manuals that explain how to use and video that also explains how to trade with the software.

Futures Trading System
NinjaTrader Indicators Included:

The following indicators come with the Algo Trading System: Trading123 Trendline, TrailingStopsV2, Renko bars, our new Squeeze & Price Action & Markers Indicators and Color Coded moving average and background. Also you will get a detailed manual and videos to watch on how to learn to trade the system, just like we do. The best indicators for trading futures on the NinjaTrader Platform.

Algo Trading System - ES Trades
Algo Trading System

In the chart above we are trading the ES at the open, 90% of trading is figuring out the trend and which way the market is going to go. Here the trend marker turns yellow within the Renko bar, the chart background goes red, and trend and squeeze indicators are below the zero line. And the trail stop is above the Renko bars. These are all confirmations of a trend change. The trade went sideways for a while but the trend was still down due to the red color background and trail stop. Price begins to move lower and sell-off and we hit our targets and ride the trend lower for a nice gain.

Futures Trading NinjaTrader

This is the same setup as the chart above on the ES short. The trend marker identifies the trend change and the other indicators confirm it.  We enter short three contracts price sells off, we stay short using the trailing stop and it when we hit our profit goal.  Our squeeze indicator remained below the zero line so that gives you the confidence to stay short. 

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Trade the ES, CL, NQ, YM, GC or Micros with our Futures Trading Software

Trader Testimonials

Listen to what traders have to say about the Algo Futures Trading System and how it works for them.

I have owned the software now for three weeks and my trades have greatly improved. This Algo software has helped me in so many ways I am no longer guessing on when to enter a trade. The trade setups are clear and precise on the charts and work, if you want to improve your trading this is the software that will do it. I am a ES trader and this software makes it much more easy to trade with the signals.

Kevin ES Trader

Great software love it! Makes trading far less complicated no longer am I staring at 12 different indicators. This Algo system is quite simple with more accuracy in your entries and exits and is exactly what I needed to improve my trading. I was happy getting 10 ticks on the ES now I am getting 16 to 20 as the software keeps in the trade longer.

Larry ES & CL Trader

I trade futures and I needed something to help me with my entries. I came across Trading123 and found the Algo Futures System. They really no what there doing as the manuals and videos explain on how to use it with real trade examples. They put alot of time in creating this system and its very simple to follow and it works with great entries. I went from trading 2 contracts to 3 after of month of Sim trading and its working great for me.

Ismael Futures Trader
    AutoMated Trading
    Futures Trading NinjaTrader
    Knowing When to Enter a Trade:

    There are several different ways to enter a trade. It should be a method that you are comfortable with in executing a trade. A good entry will give the trader an edge, and then you can focus on the other aspects of trading and that is trade management and position sizing and this can be done with our Futures Trading System.

    With our Futures Trading System we show you when to precisely enter and exit a trade when you are using our software. We use are new squeeze indicator to exit and take gains, no second-guessing. Using the trailing stop loss we also tell you when to exit a trade. And the trend markers show when the trend is changing. So that is four confirmations to use in your trading. 

    Algo Trading System - NQ Trade

    Algo Trading System

    Trade with the Trend, that’s what trading is about. With our Trading123 Algo System,  you will be able to identify the trade quickly by looking at the trend color background, the yellow and blue trend markets identify trend changes. And our indicators further give you confirmation on the trend,  detects trend direction so you can quickly analyze and find your entries and exits. Our manual and videos go to extensive information on how to trade the system. 

    In the short trade above the trend was identified by the marker turning yellow for a downtrend, red trend background, trail stop above the renko bars and the Trend and Squeeze indicators are below the zero line. This is a pattern that repeats each day.  We get short four contracts and our first two targets are hit. We have two contrast left and will ride the trend lower until the software gives an exit signal.  

    Futures Trading
    Futures Trading System
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    The Trading123 indicators are applicable to all global markets and various time frames including minute, daily, tick, volume and Renko. You must use the most updated version of NinjaTrader 8 for our software to work.  Our software only works with the Ninjatrader trading platform and no others. 

    Above all, we provide superior support for our software by phone or email, and all emails are answered within 1-3 hours during normal business hours. Lifetime 24/7 support by email, phone, or Teamviewer. And free upgrades for a lifetime to the indicator. All sales are final, there are no refunds on the futures trading system. The item you are purchasing is a digital download. By downloading the software you have taken ownership of the item, there are no refunds or exchanges.

    Trading Futures


    In addition the trailing stops identify trend reversals, never get fooled again. All of our indicators come with a PDF manual and or a video that explains on how to use it. And we point out trading tips on trading and using the trading system. No more laggin indicators