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Fibonacci Pivots NinjaTrader 8 automatically identify support and resistance levels. They take all the guesswork as to where the price action is going. No the levels ahead of time. Trading is all about support and resistance levels. Be amazed at the pinpoint price accuracy of the Fibonacci levels.

We can use Fibonacci retracements as guidelines to determine where price action will move. Know these Fibonacci levels ahead of time and see how accurate they are in your trading. Our Auto Fibonacci Indicator adjusts to the price action and will show potential support and resistance. Trade the Fibonacci lines and levels each day and see how the reversals happen in the significant reversal areas.

For precision and accuracy, Fibonacci retracements move with the price action. The Fib indicator has two levels that other Fibonacci indicators don’t have. A daily support line and another support line for the opening price. I learned these major areas of support from a trading firm where I obtained my education over eighteen years ago. Major trading firms use these Fibonacci lines as support levels because they are very accurate.

The online video course with the software teaches you how to trade Fibonacci retracements.This indicator is for NinjaTrader 8 platform. 

Fibonacci Trading Crude Oil

Trading Crude Oil and Fibonacci retracement levels appear automatically on the chart and show the market range. Fibonacci lines are used to predict the next support or resistance level for a price. These Fibonacci retracement level numbers predict where the price will go, and the lines are drawn automatically. No more second-guessing where to draw fib lines in your electronic trading.

The Fibonacci key ratio is 61.8% and 78.6 which are key reversal areas. Other key areas of support are the Fibonacci retracements at the 23.6% and 38.2% levels. In the chart above, Crude Oil ran up to the 100% Fib level, then selling started. We sell short at the 23.6 Fib area, and the price sells off to the 78.6 Fib line, which was our target for a significant gain.

Fibonacci Indicator 1
Fibonacci Indicator 2

Fibonacci Lines Sell Off Target 78.6 Fib Lines

In this chart, we are trading two ES contracts. Price ran up to the daily high and then went sideways. We then went short above the 100% Fibonacci area as the price sold off. In trading Fibonacci levels, price action usually moves from one Fibonacci level to the next.

Our target was the 78.6 Fib number which, when hit, resulted in a nice gain of over $1000 for this trade on two contracts. Our stop is protecting our profits as the price moves lower. With the NinjaTrader platform, we use an ATM strategy to select the contract size, stops, and targets for our entry. This is very easy to set up, and all traders should use an ATM Strategy in their trading.

Our online video course with the software will teach you how to trade the Fibonacci retracement levels and give you the edge in your electronic trading. All trading firms use Fib lines in their trading.

Fibonacci Trading Indicator

Fibonacci Trading ES

This indicator draws the Fibonacci retracement levels automatically and will show the market range. The Fibonacci levels are used to suggest the next price support and resistance levels. These Fibonacci numbers predict where the price will go, and the lines are drawn automatically. No more second-guessing on where to draw the lines and trade them in your electronic trading. The ninjatrader Fibonacci key ratio is 61.8% and 78.6 which are key reversal areas; other key areas of support and resistance are the Fibonacci numbers at the 23.6% and 38.2% levels.

Above all, our Fib Lines are labeled right on the chart. You have Daily Support- Daily Open in all key areas where the market moves. In addition, you have five automatic Fibonacci retracement levels that trade daily, repeating these patterns. 

Key Facts About Fibonacci Numbers

Fibonacci extension levels and Fibonacci ratios are all about technical analysis, and Fibonacci extensions are used each day in trading futures. They provide support and resistance levels that are automatically generated with our software. These Fibonacci extension levels show how far the price could move following a pullback. They identify key resistance levels where traders can interpret market behavior and place profit targets and stop-loss orders.

With a sell-off in the NQ, we get short just above the 38.2 Fibonacci area and target the daily Fibonacci lines, a major support level that we hit.

Fibonacci Indicator 3

Fibonacci Indicator

Fibonacci Indicator 4

Fib Lines

Trading with an Automatic Fibonacci indicator is a tool every trader should have in their online trading system. Fibonacci numbers are very reliable in drawing levels on your trading chart and using them in your trading strategy. Fibonacci retracements level makes online trading less stressful and more successful.

Another example of shorting the Fibonacci level and targeting the 61.8 Fib line. The lines are the horizontal lines of the Fib levels.

Furthermore, the Fibonacci retracement is accurate to the tick in Ninjatrader and moves with the price action. This gives the trader an edge in knowing where the price action can go and the technical analysis to have more successful trades using Fibonacci numbers. We go short @ the 78.6% Fibonacci Level and target the 61.8% Fibonacci area, and targets were hit. Then in the chart below, we shorted the 50% Fibonacci area, and are targets were 61.8 for a nice trade.

Fibonacci Numbers

Want the precise edge in trading? Want to know where the price is going before it gets there? That’s all available in the Trading123 Automatic Fibonacci indicator, precise Fib lines that move with the market and the price action. So that means no drawing the Fib lines on your own.

Fibonacci lines are plotted right on the chart, and you will learn where the major reversals happen and avoid the chop. You will often see a quick move to the upside when the price hits these major levels. And target the next Fib level, which are all explained in the educational material that comes with the software that is available only for NinjaTrader 8.

Fibonacci Indicator 5

Fibonacci Retracements

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Fibonacci Indicator

Fibonacci Trading Indicator

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Fibonacci Numbers

  • Automatically Draws Fibonacci Levels Identifies Daily Support and Open
  • Identifies Daily High and Low
  • Five levels of Fibonacci numbers
  • 78.6 and 61.8 key Fibonacci Retracement Levels
  • Free lifetime updates for NinjaTrader 8
  • Works on Futures, Forex or Stock/ETF’
Support Levels
Certain Fib lines act as support where known reversals will happen. This will all be covered in our trading material that comes with the indicator.

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