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Trendline Indicator

TrendLine Indicator NQ

Trade with the Trend, that’s what trading is about. With our Trading123 Trendline Indicator, it detects trend direction so you can quickly analyze and find your entries, stop placements, and exit points. 

Enhanced trading capabilities with the blue and red arrows for clear buy and sell signals.  Trade with the price action and the arrows never repaint.  

TrendLine Indicator

TrendLine Indicator ES

Trend is your friend, that is why the trendline was designed to keep you on the right side of the trend. The Trendline is color-coded in red and blue dots on the lower portion of the chart as shown and never repaints. Blue trend dots for an uptrend and red for the downtrend. 

Now there are also other colored dots for major reversals. The yellow dot as shown is for going short, the light blue dot is for reversal, and the green dot on the zero line confirms it. Here the ES plotted a light blue dot on the trendline, we go long 3 contracts, and our goal is 1k gain, price moves up, and sell limit hit. 

Trendline Indicator
TrendLine Indicator NQ

The Trend indicator will become your favorite indicator as it is most accurate. Trade any futures contract or stock with this powerful indicator.  Take your trading to the next level. The Trendline is color-coded in red and blue and never repaints. Blue of uptrend and red for a downtrend.

Trendline Indicator

The Trendline Indicator in action, in the chart above, is the ES, trend change on the red arrow and yellow dot, this is what you look for to enter short trades. The indicator gives you double confirmation. For long trades, you look for a light blue dot on the trendline and the blue arrow confirms it. Very precise and accurate price moves up we are trading three contracts and exit at our sell limit.  Included with the software you get the Trading and setup manual that shows you how to install the software and trade with it. Also, the Custom Renko bars are included and they come with a manual and videos on using them.

Volume Delta

Trading123 Trendline indicator for trend reversals. ES had run to the high of the day. The red trend arrow fires off above the Renko bar, we get short three contracts.  The trendline on the lower section of the chart also turned red another confirmation of a reversal. ES sells of and are price targets are hit on the way down of 14, 29, and 52 ticks. This indicator is available for NinjaTrader 8 and comes with the Trading123 Renko Bars. The indicator can be used with any other bar types but we prefer Renko bars as they work best.

Trendline Indicator

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Trendline Indicator
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The Trading123 indicators are applicable to all global markets and various time frames including minute, daily, tick, volume and Renko. You must use the most updated version of NinjaTrader 8 for our software to work.  Our software only works with the Ninjatrader trading platform and no others. 

Above all, we provide superior support for our software by phone or email, and all emails are answered within 1-3 hours during normal business hours. Lifetime 24/7 support by email, phone, or Teamviewer. And free upgrades for a lifetime to the indicator. All sales are final, there are no refunds on the trendline indicator. The item you are purchasing is a digital download. By downloading the software you have taken ownership of the item, there are no refunds or exchanges

Trading123 Trendline Reversal

Trading123 Trendline components let you see quickly and clearly how to gauge the markets in real-time.  Detect the trend direction so you can quickly find your entries, stop placements, and profit targets on trades.  The trend is your friend and the Trading123 Trendline indicator solves the puzzle on market direction.  

Trade all markets, futures, forex, stocks, or ETF’s. We provide full documentation in a PDF and videos on how to use the NinjaTrader indicator and full superior support 24/7 by email or phone.  Any questions let us know where here to help. 

Trendline NQ

Chart on the right is the NQ, now the way to use this indicator is major trend changes happen on the light blue dot when the price is oversold. As you see up the price went and up to our custom, Renko bars keep you in the trend.  And the chart above the same thing a very powerful and accurate indicator.

Now the price is oversold when you see the yellow dot on the trend line. It’s time to exit long or go short. Very accurate on the trend changes following those two dots. 

Trading123 Trendline

Blue dots on the Trendline the trend is up, Red dots the trend is down.  Blue arrows confirm the uptrend, red arrows confirm the downtrend.  New audio alerts notify you of a trend change.  Green circle on Trend Line means a major reversal of the trend. Trendline dot the colors do not repaint once plotted. Red and Green lines plot oversold and overbought areas.  The trend is your friend, trade it with our advanced NinjaTrader 8 indicators. 

Trendline Indicator

Best NinjaTrader Indicators

NinjaTrader indicators custom-designed for the day trader. The Trading123 Trendline indicator that plots the colors of the trend on the trend line blue and red. Major breakouts appear when the Green Circle appears on the trendline.   Red and blue arrows confirm the trend line colors. And are new audio alerts will give you audio alerts of trend changes.  This is the easiest NinjaTrader indicators to follow, all color-coded trade with the trend.

The bottom panel of the chart measures overbought and oversold areas. So when the trend line gets up and above the green line it’s time to exit longs on the first red dot. Long trades enter on the light blue dot on the trendline as it is oversold, blue arrow confirms it and nice trend reversal. 

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Custom indicators with audio alerts on trend changes.


We have over 17 years of providing indicators and educational material to traders around the world. We design software for traders to improve their trading. We like advanced Ninjatrader 8 indicators as this is 2019. Old lagging indicators just don’t work, simple as that.

Our programmers are some of the best in the industry with over 25 years of experience, using the latest coding technology with the NinjaTrader platform from trading indicators to strategies.