Volume Profile
Point of Control

Volume Profile Point of Control

Volume Profile

Volume Profile

Volume Profile is an advanced charting study that displays trading activity over a specified time period at specified price levels. The Volume Profile indicator is for trading stocks and futures markets, it is a volume based indicator that identifies six key value areas that are use by major trading firms to trade the markets. The indicator identifies six levels which are the Point of Control or the POC, Value Area High and Value Area Low, or VAH and VAL as they appear on the chart. And they High, Low and Mid Range areas.

  • Volume Profile calculates the total volume for the session at each price level and will give you market generated information about what price and range of prices are the most traded.
  • Value Area (VA): This is the range of prices where 70% of the volume is traded
  • Value Area High (VAH): This is the highest price within the Value Area
  • Value Area Low ( VAL): This is the lowest price within the Value Area
  • Point of Control (POC): This is the most trade price with the most volume of the session
  • Session High, Low, and Mid Levels: All come into play each day

The indicator plots all those areas in real time, does not lag and plots them on the chart. The colors of the lines can be customized to your liking. Can be used on any chart type from Renko, Range, Volume, etc.  The POC line or Point of Control is like a magnet for price action as this is the area the most volume is traded. 

Point of Control

Value Area Point of Control

In this trade were trade on Crude Oil we go long on a breakout of the POC Line. Price moves higher into the VAH and MID line and we look to exit and we moved the stop to the VAH line. These levels come into play each day and are very precise and accurate and move of the price action, so there is no lagging here.

The chart below nice short on loss of the POC line and we hit our target. 



Volume Profile

Point of Control

Value Area POC

Here is an example of using the POC for entry on the ES. The POC line is where the most volume is traded so long above the POC Line and price moves up and your targets would be the VAH and then the High of the day.  . 

Volume Profile
Value Area

Volume Profile Point of Control  in this trade in the ES price runs to the Value Area High or VAH gets below the mid line we go short three contracts. Are first target is at the Point of Control line or the POC and we are up nicely in the trade. And below the POC Line we have are second target and are stop is moving down with the price action as we are running an ATM Strategy in this trade. Software comes with manuals and videos to show you how to trade with it and have trades like these. And on the upside just after 9:45 am when the price crossed the POC line that would of been a long setup with targets at the MID line and VAH. These patterns repeat each day and once you learn them you will be in control of your trades, and see the price move over these levels quickly.

Value Area Short

Value Area

Volume Profile indicator here the price ran up above the VAH line and then sells off to the POC line which is last line of support. Below it we get short with an ATM Strategy three contracts and are first profit goal is just about hit and we have a nice profit. Price continued lower and are targets were hit on Crude Oil. This indicator is available for NinjaTrader 8 and the indicator can be used with any other bar type but we prefer to use minute charts as they work best.

Value Area Volume Profile
Volume Profile

This is a chart of the Volume Profile and were trading the ES. See how the price lost the POC line and sold off to the VAL line. Then it reverses of the VAL line and moves up to the POC line were you would exit the trade. These patterns repeat each day at these levels and as you see the POC line is where the most volume is traded and its a powerful support and resistance level. 

Mid Line Short

Value Area

Volume Profile indicator here the price broke out over the VAL line and moved up to the MID line. So we entered short at the resistance line and out traget was the VAL line and price went right to it and hit our targets. The lines on the left side of the chart are volume. 

Volume Profile

Renko Bars
Value Area
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Trading123 Value Area
Value Area Point of Control

This is a chart of the ES with the Volume Profile on it. Here at the open of the market the price tried to move higher over the POC line but failed. So we go short and are target was just below the VAL line, price sold off and hit our targets for a nice gain. Now this indicator does not lag, moves with the price action so you can clearly see the setups and we end up with a nice winner. Above the POC line institutions and major trading firms will be long, below it they will be short. So learn on how to trade with them and be on the right side of the markets. 

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