Crude Oil Trading Secrets

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Trading Crude Oil

Program Trading and Crude oil learn the inside information on how program trading trades crude oil. Follow along with the methods of how to trade crude oil inventories. Just update in 9/2019 I will reveal never before published information of how program trading runs the Crude Oil Trading Markets. You will not find this info in any crude oil trading books.

Learn how program trading and the robots trade the price action. Learn a simple crude oil intraday trading strategy that works. These same patterns repeat day after day; you just don’t know what to look for. We break it down daily on how to trade Crude Oil, Monday through Friday. When are the precise times to trade, and how to avoid the chop. No, where the market is going, how to nail tops, and know when the bottom or reversal is going to happen in crude oil trading.

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Crude Oil How to Trade

Learn the precise times to trade crude oil each day. You only need two hours of trading a day to do electronic trading. Some days you can be done in half-hour or an hour. Set a daily profit goal and stick to it; learn the markets as you educate yourself on how they work.

We cover how to set up your crude oil charts to read the markets. We give you some trading basics, along with some trading tips on how to simplify your crude oil trading, The material is all very easy to learn and put to work in your trading right away. The product is only available to customers who purchase AutoTrader Strategy and is included in the package. 

How to Trade Crude Oil

Trading Strategies Crude Oil

We will teach you the Trading 123 Open strategy on how to trade crude oil. I have used this strategy for over fifteen years and it works day after day. Simple to learn in trading crude oil, and quickly put it to work in your electronic trading. This strategy you can put the work right at the market open, and it works all day.

This will greatly improve your crude oil trading, trade crude oil like a computer robot each day, this is the best method used to trade crude oil. Trade like the professionals, price moves up and down like a ladder, so put the price ladder to work and profit from the levels. The method is easy to learn and put to use in your daily trading. You will never trade your old style again, once you see how program trading and price ladder works you will be trading the price levels and reversal points and they repeat each day.

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Secrets of Crude Oil Trading

We will teach you what Renko Bars to use when trading Crude Oil. This can make a huge difference in reading the charts and watching the trends. This is 2019, not 2009 where traders use minute and tick charts. You have to adjust to new technology in the markets and Renko Bars are far superior to use in trading and will give you the edge over others.

You will learn how to be more consistent in your trading. Time entry and exit points to the tick, gain more confidence in trading, no more hesitating on your entries or exits. Program trading averages over 70% of the market volume, see where the trend changes happen each and every day.

Bonus #1

Get our new Crude Oil Trading Road Map manual. Learn on how to trade the price ladder, spot reversals. Forty Nine pages of update material.

Bonus #2

Trading123 Color Moving Average Indicator, use this to spot trend reversals. Available for N8 only. Moving average is red when the trend is down and greeen when up.

Bonus #3

Trading123 Open Indicator – Use this to see where the price action can go for the day. When to go long, when to go short. Very accurate and precise available for N8.

What's Included

Program Trading and Crude oil learn the inside info on how oil trading works. You will learn about how crude oil news moves the markets. When the major news is released you should be flat. Learn to set up a crude oil chart, crude oil trading time to follow.

You will get our new Trading123 Open Indicator, no the trend before the market opens. The indicator is for use with the NinjaTrader Trading Platform. This indicator is deadly accurate in trading crude oil, no the trend and be able to trade it quickly. The video explains all the details on how to use and start trading right away. Upon payment, you will be sent a link to download the software and video. You will get the Crude Oil Road map, it’s a crude oil trading pdf that we will send you a link to download.

This is a digital download only. Learn crude oil trading basics, crude oil trading tips, and how to trade crude oil inventories. Also, learn a simple crude oil intraday trading strategy that we do each and every day.